Why I love our canteen!

Olevia K Sunny

Well, personally for me, our college canteen is an all-time favorite spot where I hang out with friends. It certainly is not known for its extravagant decor or ambience. It’s just like any other typical college canteen; a simple hangout spot which has never failed to add different flavors to my life.

It is an ideal place for time-pass sessions which are filled with vivid conversations and often something to learn from. I consider it as an open arena for discussions, arguments, debates, gossips and loads of fun with tea, coffee, samosa, and the yummy donuts in between as gap fillers. The endless discussions here happen over countless cups of tea and coffee, and let’s not forget the celebrations of joy over chocolates which stimulate thinking. It is these conversations that build friendship stronger day by day.

It is funny how we manage to rush to and fro the canteen in that short ten minutes break between the classes. It molds our capacity to sprint. The small contributions that we make to buy tea and snacks teach us the lessons of sharing and caring. The jovial times spent here help us shed our day-to-day frustrations of life, and in the end we emerge revived from the canteen and get back to classes.

For other students, it is a source to grab their favorite food, and for some it serves as an escape from their boring hostel food. The wide range of offerings here is an opportunity for all the foodies to treat their appetite, and explore the varieties.

Also canteen serves as a platform for exhibition of different kinds of talent whether it is oratory or even playing music. Good student orators can catch the attention of their company for several hours, and there are some rare talents who provide entertainment by just creating music by banging the table with their hands, of course not to forget, with absolutely no special instrument.

Canteen is crowded even during study holidays as students flock here to beat boredom at their hostel or home. There is no denying that KJC canteen plays a huge role in shaping our lives during our time here in college. And I know, it will always remain as one of my favorite hangouts.

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