Every Brick in Library is an Inspiration

Rabiya Nida

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." ~ Albert Einstein

Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous, where my unexpected journey began, I did not even expect that I’d be in a college I always wanted to be. Taking admission late took a toll on me and I had a sad music playing in my head. The classes were in full swing, so much of the syllabus was covered, friends and groups were already created for the activities related to the curriculum.

I was full of anxieties and apprehensions in the initial days of my college life. Everything around me was new and I was nervous. However, I had to get over it and took a plunge to visit the PG library and gather all the study materials of the classes I’ve missed due to late admission. Books are something that brings back life in me; it is a therapy. Looking at my college library I was filled with immense pleasure and joy – uncountable books, magazines, journals and so much more. My happiness knew no bound! I was like a child with lots of favourite toys around and not knowing which toy do I begin to play with.

The library catered to the inquisitiveness of every bibliophile. Books of every genre were displayed in the shelves – of various size and shapes and colours too! I was goggle-eyed and I was filled with inspiration and motivation. The anxiousness and trepidations were all washed away as I walked past every nook and corner of the library. I dreamt of having my own research paper published and displayed in one of the books or journals in my college library. One dream has come true and I am now a proud Jayantian. The college library imbibed in me the courage to dream again and with more enthusiasm I am looking forward to fulfil my dreams of scaling new heights and making my college proud through my achievements.

To quote Ernest Hemingway - “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. They pick you up and push you in becoming someone new. They inspire you and let you explore and experience unknown ideas and thoughts. My first encounter with the college library filled me with new dreams and goals; that day, I walked out of the library not with the study materials which had dragged me there but with the immense wish to quench my thirst for knowledge.

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