Freshman at KJC

Upama Upadhyaya
I Semester BA JPEng

Life of a college freshman is both exciting and nerve-racking for students like me, who are straight out of school. It’s a complete change in our lives. We feel like we are in an unknown land; we are neither treated as children nor as adults. The daunting thought that runs through the minds of a freshman is what kind of friends we will find? And, whether or not we will fit in? Also we wonder about the nature of our teachers.

When I walked through the gates of Kristu Jayanti on my first day of college, I was so nervous that my heart was pounding so hard. I could feel it beat against my chest. I could see people from all walks of life, language and background. Some had friends from their previous school joining the college, and found it very easy to mingle, but for most of us that was not the case. With all the strange and different faces we saw we couldn’t help but try and read their faces as if they were books and determine their character.

As freshman it was obvious to have those thoughts and feelings, but after attending the first week of college we realised that there was nothing to worry about. The people here are very friendly and outgoing, and are equally generous and kind.

The first week of life skill classes really helped us in getting to know our fellow batch mates as well our teachers. The teachers are very diligent and understanding. They make the classes fun and interactive, and try effortlessly to ensure we smile.

We know that we will all strive towards excellence, thanks to our teacher’s charisma and dedication.

Overall it can be said that the campus is beautiful. Kristu Jayanti is a beacon of light that attracts students from all over the world to be a part of it and its Jayantian culture. Our college’s motto – Light and Prosperity is upheld by all in this institution to ensure that we strive for excellence.

To conclude, on behalf of the entire freshman, we look forward to a great year ahead, and are all happy to be a part of this institution upholding its ideals and standing together as Jayantians.

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