My journey with JCA (Jayantian Catholic Association)

Merlyn Thomas

My name is Merlyn Thomas, a final year BA student of Kristu Jayanti College. I was born and raised for the most of my life in Dubai and like every other family I was a “Sunday- Christian”. I was an active member of the church through youth groups and annual fests. But everything was only on the surface.

I came to Kristu Jayanti College for my under graduation in 2016 and for the first time I felt empty as I was exposed to a new environment. The college did not have a prayer gathering so some of the students took initiative and started joining together in the chapel for a time of fellowship and prayer. This went on for 2 years.

When I reached my final year, the teachers stepped in and with the help of Ms. Soumya Simon, we started our Jayantian Catholic Association (JCA). This group brought all the Catholics of the institution under one wing and gave us a purpose. The JCA is not like any other prayer gathering. It has ice breakers, music and a time of praise and worship. Weekly intercession also takes place.

JCA gave me a sense of belongingness and it was a place where I knew that there was no place for judgement. I realized that growing was an endless process and as long as one had an anchor, one can place their feet on the rock. JCA gives both youth and teachers a forum to come together and share their spiritual experiences and have fun at the same time. It helped me grow more in faith and I found that I could confide, speak up and clear my doubts about my beliefs. One of the best aspects about JCA is; that it caters to people from different walks of life. You can see people from various backgrounds and ethnicities coming together. We believe that everyone is the same in the eyes of God, as he has created us all as equals.

Many a times, when I feel like things get too much for me. I know that I have a place of solace and peace. It is a place to grow, to love and know about the lord almighty more. A set of people I can trust, and a strong foot hold where my faith is nurtured.

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