The Kristu Jayanti experience

Andrea Sladen

When entering into the portals of Kristu Jayanti College for the very first time, the expectations that rose in the mind were too many to count. Till date all the expectations have been exceeded by a margin greater than expected. From the faculty members to friends, Kristu Jayanti has been an enriching and humble experience.

For every endeavour that comes to mind, support and motivation flows like a continuous stream to those in need.

To the young adolescent mind, Kristu Jayanti has been a learning experience in personal growth and overall discipline. A holistic development is guaranteed to all those who become a part of Kristu Jayanti family. The college not only helps in personal development but also gives a glance of the outside world and make sure that we all are ready to face the obstacles that one may face in the journey of life.

Kristu Jayanti encourages participation in all curricular and extracurricular activities, ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to exhibit their talents which proves to be a way for self-discovery.

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