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Ravisha Issar

A cup of caramelized coffee beautified with a dash of sprinkles and chocolaty aroma accompanied with hot grilled sandwich! What else could a student need on a rainy day? After a hectic schedule and fun filled hours one needs some quality time with their cup of coffee or tea and if you’re stuck amidst rain worry not, sit back at the canteen of Kristu Jayanti College and enjoy work with food.

Food comes to the rescue irrespective of the mood; and the college with its endless choices won’t leave you to go out in search of good food. Options ranging from Chinese to South Indian, you can treat your tummy accordingly!

If you are looking for main course meals the canteen serves you with authentic Kerala and Karnataka meals, providing both vegetarians and non-vegetarians an exciting variety to choose from. Ghee rice, chapaati, egg, veggies, fried rice, Gobi rice, biryani, paratha and what not. So better decide for the dish mentally before stepping into the canteen or it may drag your heart to multiple things. Apart from main course we have burgers, crisps, fries, pakodas and roll to munch on.

The population of people with sweet tooth is not ignored of course. Honest bakery comes to the rescue for quick bites after lunch. Haven’t had donuts lately? Not to worry, the bakery caters three kinds of donuts at a very reasonable rate. That’s not it! Jam rolls, cup cakes, tea cakes, white forest, black forest, sweet bun and a smoking hot bowl of brownie with dressed chocolate sauce can serve your taste buds with utmost satisfaction. The owner of the bakery says “Recently we have launched brownie and the demand has increased on a fast pace but the love for chocolate donut never fades away from the students,” Do not panic if you need a cake immediately, by the time you enjoy your meal the cake will be ready inside the bakery to surprise your loved ones.

Have a habit of gulping down fresh juice or beverages with your meals? You’ve got that too. Fresh lime juice, mint lime, orange, mango, pineapple and every fruit available will be squeezed and served as per your wish. Coming to lactose we have coffee, tea, cold coffee, milk shakes like you’ve never tasted before.

Not focusing merely on the taste the canteen authorities never step down on the quality and hygiene of the food prepared. It is freshly prepared in front of the students to avoid ailments and to keep up the hygienic quality. The owner of Jacob’s café in Kristu Jayanti College says “Some days when the food is left, I take it home and feed it to my pets rather than dumping it for the next day. We never serve people with stale food.”

Food is something that feeds not only the body but the soul and the end of the day it keeps one alive so why not eat healthy food with lip smacking taste when in campus.

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