MA in Economics- for the budding economists!!!

Kristu Jayanti School of Economics is one of the youngest to have a Class Economics programme. The innovative MA in Economics program started in 2015 by the Kristu Jayanti School of Economics is a two-year full-time program with Electives in Economics, Finance and Business Management. This program has four semesters.

The Post - graduate level program is designed to challenge the mind, stimulate intellectual growth and make college life an exciting journey. The emphasis is on the overall development of the student, not only in academics, but also in co-curricular activities. Students gain practical exposure through summer training, which provides an opportunity to develop Analytical, Quantitative, Written and Oral communication skills-that are valued by employers.

Thus the program not only lays the foundation for students to study further but also readies them for employment. It aids in inculcating values, to make the student a more responsible and socially aware citizen.

In this changing world order and a globalized environment, Economics is emerging as a crucial ‘science’, the understanding of which is rooted in the Humanities, the application of which is based on Quantitative Methods and the impact of which is all pervasive whether it be International Relations and Politics, Finance, Management or Business. It is the recognition of these inter –linkages, which has led Kristu Jayanti College, in its pioneering role, to set up the School of Economics. The Economics program, seeks to redefine Post graduate Economics courses in India, with its unique course content and innovative pedagogy. The course seeks to develop an individual who is capable of being seamlessly integrated into a career in any organization or even as an entrepreneur.

Clubs and its activities
In Kristu Jayanti College of Economics Bengaluru, non-classroom learning is also an important facet of student life. Through this, we provide opportunities for students to learn administration during their 2-year tenure. Interaction with visionaries with interactive programs such as “Vichaarmanthan’, International faculty interactions etc. are conducted regularly.

The department organizes an intra-college fest titled ‘Economia’. Apart from that the department regularly organizes student seminar series, guest lectures and student colloquiums to enhance the understanding of the subject.

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