Organizing Inter-College Fests in Kristu Jayanti

Arshad Ahamad

Kristu Jayanti hosts a lot of general and department-wise intercollegiate fests. The collaborations and bonds built over the years allow us to meet different colleges all over the country. In turn, our students also get to showcase their talents in events held in other colleges. However, hosting a fest is no small event. It requires months of planning and a team of dedicated individuals who are willing to give it their all. At Kristu Jayanti, students are exposed to this world of fest-conducting and also have the opportunity to conduct many events they are interested in.

Organizing a fest requires a huge number of people. It is one of those times that everyone including the students, staff, and management get together to create a truly unique learning experience. Anyone can be a part of the organizing team which comprises of the control teams, stage committee, invitation team, valedictory team, promotion team, each of whom are always eager to welcome a helping hand. Since the students themselves are made to handle each and every aspect of the fest from the invitation to problem handling, this builds up a leadership and team spirit like no other.

Henry Ford once said ‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’ Organizing fests can be one of the best experiences of a Jayantian. Students and teachers, working together not only for studies, but to also be a part of something big, it’s a limitless possibility.

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