Staying Safe on Campus

Olevia K Sunny

Safety is definitely not a concern or to be worried about when one is in Kristu Jayanti College; as each moment here is ensured with safety. From the moment you reach college, until you step out of the premises; you can be sure that you are safe.

The security personals at the college gate are the front face of the secured world that you are entering in to. Each one entering and exiting from the college campus are noted by the security guards along with CCTV cameras that are monitored by officials all the time. Strict measures are taken to ensure that each individual who belong to college is either a student or the staff members; while entering in the premises one must wear his/her id card, which in turn makes sure that anyone outside the college only enters the campus with specific notifications at the front gate. Also, the records of visitors to the college are clearly maintained and looked in to by the authority regularly. As you move in further inside the campus; you will find CCTV cameras all around; just to ensure that nothing suspicious takes place in the campus and making sure that all are safe.

Moreover the guaranteed safety also focuses on prevention of anything that can hurt any individuals in the campus. And this remains the main reason why there is a lot of emphasis on Ragging Free Campus. Kristu Jayanti College is considered as a ragging free campus with strict measures are taken to make sure, that each student here is free from any physical or psychological threat from others within the campus. No fresher in the college will be able to claim of any such threats from the seniors with the efficient functioning of the Anti Ragging Cell of the college. This cell works with the cooperation of the management, teachers and students ensuring that each student is free from any threats within the campus. The functioning of the cell even extends to the outer world, as they take care of students’ security in the hostels which are either be run by the same management or the other.

“I am absolutely safe in the campus just like my friends; without any threats of the seniors or ragging; which would have been a constant fear of any fresher who has just joined college.” Christy, a student from first year BA JPEng claimed. And this is clearly supported by her classmate Ruth who is from Nagaland; she said “We are safe here with the support of our seniors who are approachable and ready to help us constantly. It makes people like me to shed the fear of living in a place; far away from home.”And these opinions are more or less the same of each student if you come across. Thus it is a great guarantee that each parent can be rest assured, their child is safe on the campus. Also this ultimately make us to believe and understand that Kristu Jayanti College is a safe campus to everyone who belong to the institution, no matter who you are, wherever you are from or whatever it might be; with the support of management and teachers who work to ensure that the holistic development is a part of our college and important to each student.

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