Kaleidoscope with an Inspiring Jayantian Scholar

Nishitha S Phirangi

Presenting a research paper at a national conference itself is an exciting opportunity for a postgraduate, a research publication in a Journal of repute is considered to be a dream comes true for every scholar. But what about a postgraduate student with a research publication to her credit in every semester? Presenting to you the Journey of an inspiring Jayantian postgraduate, who has published research articles in nationally reputed peer reviewed journals at every semester.

Seeing our seniors and their willingness to challenge themselves and set meaningful goals is what inspires the juniors to be like them. Seniors have pride in their successes, and aren’t afraid to celebrate big and small wins. Some seniors inspire us because of their confidence, progress in college and enthusiasm for learning. Inspiring us as juniors is primarily a matter of motivation. Some students will have a drive from inside to learn new things and explore new ideas while some others look into successful persons around them and get self-motivated to learn hard.

One such senior who drive our motivation is Elizabeth George from 4th Sem MA-JMC in Kristu Jayanti Autonomous College. She has had three of her research papers already published and other two are in pipeline to publish.

  • Her first Research Paper published was on ‘Practice of Nepotism in the Indian Film Industry: A Content Analysis of Mom (2017), Dhadak (2018)’ in IJSRR, Volume 07, Issue 05, May 2019.
  • Another Paper ‘Nepotism Prevailing in the Indian Film Industry: Case studies on Janhvi Kapoor vs. Kriti Sanon & Sooraj Pancholi vs. Ranveer Singh’ on Bi Annual peer reviewed Journal of Social Work, Volume 17, Number I, March 2019
  • Her third paper was Co-Authored with her guide Dr. Juby Thomas – International Students perception on multicultural competence of academic institutions in India. Published in: Opportunities and challenges in revised assessment and accreditation framework for higher education institutions. Tirupattur: Sacred Heart College, pp.115 – 123.
  • Another paper of hers is yet to be published in January 2020 is ‘Indian Youth Perception on Social Media Being A Major Platform in Leading To Startup Success’ - This one is also a Co-Authored paper with her classmate Ria. And her fifth paper data collection is already completed.
  • Elizabeth inspired me as a junior to take the extra step and do my best in whatever I do. She is sweet, loving and was patient enough to bear with me through the interactions. When I asked her about what inspires her most, she smilingly said, “Thirst for knowledge.”

    Q: How do you feel about 3 of your research papers being published?
    A: “I feel good obviously. Who wouldn’t really feel good about publishing three of their research papers? Kristu Jayanti made me realize that my area of interest is more towards research and it excites me. The first time my research article got published, it was an out of the world feeling and experience for me.”

    Q: How did you cope up and balance between everyday classes and preparing for your research paper?
    A: “It wasn’t that difficult for me because we had an hour dedicated for Media Research Forum where Dr. Juby Thomas guided us. Juby ma’am was really approachable and she’ll obviously guide you too with a lot of research inputs. She was the one who guided me throughout all my research papers. I got time during my Research Forum hours and also after going home I used to take out time. I would also make sure to try to attend National conferences or any conferences happening. Juby ma’am would always tell us about such events happening and if were interested we’ll just prepare a paper. My classmates also were really encouraging and motivating.

    Q: Are you satisfied with the college, course and all the support you’re getting from the faculty?
    A: “Yes, yes definitely!” It was the right place for me to venture into my scholarly activities. I am completely satisfied with the research facilities in Kristu Jayanti College. Our course is designed in such a way both academic and practical hunger of a mass communication student is met. We have lab hours for practical; research hours for scholarly activities and even the teachers are willing to help us any time round the clock.

    Q: Do you live by any quotes or anything particular that inspires you?
    A: I live with a motto “If you like something, just do it, because you like it”. For me, research is something I like to do, to gain more knowledge. My first topic was Nepotism in the Film Industry. That was quite interesting for me, so I wrote a paper on the same topic. I try to read articles and research papers online and that is where I get inspired. When I complete a research paper, I’m motivated that I can do another paper with more rigors.

    Q: How do you prepare yourself to write a research paper?
    A: First thing I do is look for new and innovative ideas, convert those ideas into a research topic and set my objectives. Then I prepare a proposal submit to the guide and get inputs and suggestions. I prefer survey research methods over content analysis because of high chances of being biased. But also try to opt suitable methodologies.

    I also ensure my papers are presented at various conferences, though only a maximum of 5 to 7 minutes we get to present the feedback from such scholarly presentations enable me to look at my researches from multiple angles .

    Q: Do you have anything to say to your juniors being such an inspiration to all of us?
    A: The best teacher you can have as your guide is Juby ma’am because one thing that she will teach you for sure is the timeliness. She will make sure that you give things on time. Deadlines are really important to her, that way you will be punctual to your work and more productive. She will also help you with a lot ideas and tell you if some ideas are not important or isn’t impressive. If it can be improved then she will tell you for sure. She is there to guide you, always. Just go for it. When you get the chance to attend research conferences just go for it, don’t even think twice about whether you will be able to write on that topic or not. You can, obviously and think of something that you would be interested in writing and write as many papers as possible. Once you get the knack, it’ll be really easy for you.

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