We are in the Safest Arms

Diya Susan John

The blanket of green turf offered a hearty welcome to a den of young faces from different parts of the world. After six months of virtual classes, all of us were filled with excitement to experience real college life. The college management followed strict COVID protocols to bring the students to KJC campus. We were asked to strictly maintain social distance, sanitizers were given in the main gate and masks were mandatory. The management and teachers created a very safe and guarded place for the students to re-start their campus life. We had an ideal time in KJC.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, I was tested COVID positive. At a difficult time like that, I informed my class animator about the scenario and the kind of care and concern I received from her is inexplicable. I was in for a pleasant shock to receive a call from the Principal, to enquire about my health condition which also resonates with the humility and care he has about students. Further, the Principal instructed the KJC COVID Cell to take care of my health and food requirements. Many teachers, including several teachers from other departments, regularly checked on my health status. The bolstered care and concern, I've received from the college management and teachers gave me a home away from my home. I know of many friends of mine from other institutions who were struggling very hard during the time of COVID staying away from their homes. I am indeed very proud and do not hesitate to say that my college acted as a guardian angel to me during the health crisis.

I would proudly say that ' I am really blessed to be in KJC. Each day in KJC is a fabulous experience for me as a Jayantian. KJC teaches us many things and builds our confidence to face the new challenges. KJC is a perfect nurturing ground for a students’ holistic development. Kristu Jayanti is not only about academics and extra-curricular activities, but also about love and care. If you are a part of KJC, then you are in the safest arms.

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