Life inside the campus

Aparna B Dilip

Bricks neatly piled on one another. Walls and buildings towering over a thousand morning faces, to tutor the ways and means of the world. Its flaws and how to tend to these shortcomings, a new chapter that's yet to begin.

An array of happy colors, the wind carrying the smell of sizzling hot lunch made in the booths without and professors merrily whooshing past to make sure there isn't any rule breaking. It's an overture of newness. It's never idle and never stale. It's in motion like the rain clouds and steady tides, all in its place, with so much beauty and yet unnoticed. Albeit, it's so evident when you aren't familiar to this at first.

The campus is new every day. Every day you see people you haven't seen before, you try new things on the food menu; you meet, greet, and are tempted to eat.

The heart of the campus is ‘the ground’.

There are a few sweaty players who engage in sport under the most scorching sun, the idle chatterers who munch on packet food, and the fascinated beholders- who upon insisting would gladly join the jokes.

It's the most interesting time of the day, when you let yourself snuggle under the trees near the sitting area; and watch or get involved in the many activities the campus provide.

More than the college per se, the campus in totality is the place you'll witness life and cheer of the Jayantians, The true color and realities of a domain, a kingdom and its inhabitants. The very veins that root the skin to our flesh, the very window to the world, the very making of our future all in bits and pieces, for us to pick them up, glue them in place and derive meaning from the rigmarole of our work's outcome.

The campus emanates a mantra of togetherness, friendship and revelation of your talents and feelings. Although a crowd isn't company, you'll never find yourself without one.

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