The dream of my brethren is the dream which ignites Kristu Jayanti College

Divya K.S

Today’s assignment was to write something exciting about the college. Is that not easy? Oh, yes it definitely is, but then came the catch.

“No writing about the students, infrastructure or the teaching fraternity”, said Dr. Juby Thomas, the teacher in charge, and then the mind questioned, “What else could be exciting in KJC?”

I wandered looking at the walls, the uniform clad students, the dedicated staff and pressurized my mind to think what makes KJC exciting, and then just like the eureka moment, the idea bulb struck my mind like it’s shown in cartoon channels.

I got the idea, The dream of every Jayantian

Stating the facts, Kristu Jayanti College, established itself in the year 1999 and is efficiently managed by the members of St. Joseph Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). The college attained its autonomous status in the year 2015, which is actually in a very short period of time. Gradually winning prestigious awards became an inevitable habit of the Jayantians, the best example being ‘The Heroes of Bangalore’ award in the field of quality education. Being ranked every year within the top five is another gem to the crown of KJC.

Balanced holistic academics and streamlined co-curricular which are aimed at nurturing excellence, fostering values, creating civic responsibility and building global competencies in a dynamic environment, these have been the sole vision and mission of the Kristu Jayanti College’ management towards the numerous students they accommodate every year.

To be very true, what else would be the dream of any Jayantian? The answer is actually very simple, just like the superlative form of good is the best; KJC’s superlative form would be watching it turn from Kristu Jayanti College autonomous to Kristu Jayanti University. Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing??? Yeah, you read that right. Kristu Jayanti University!!!

After coming to KJC, for the very first time for admission related interview, I saw the ambition of this college becoming a university, sparkle in the eyes of every individual of the management team. That day, I as a Jayantian, vowed to do my best to contribute to the same, taking my college to the level of an autonomous university.

I moved around the campus, and asked some students randomly seated in different locations, what you think about KJC becoming a university and the best part was all the ten students I approached, had the same expression, “I will be the happiest”.

Those ten students included individuals pursuing courses from the department of Psychology, English, Journalism, Management, Commerce and Life Sciences, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Asking further, of how would it benefit you, they pointed out to facts like getting power for conducting examinations and convocation ceremonies, authority to function independently and most importantly, the best and supreme form of education to all the future Jayantians.

Students even threw light on the fact that there are better placement opportunities and variety of choices in different programs; and, also collaboration with great and innovative visionaries for further development.

Watching the shine on their faces and the joy in their voices, the dream of every dynamic, talented and most importantly of every Jayantian was known, and the best part is, it’s the same.

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