“Thank you – The best acknowledgment"

Sometimes, in life, we forget the most important phrase which can spread joy, happiness and a feeling of gratitude, and that phrase is “thank you”. But the phrase these days is used only as a formality. The thought of being thankless these days, kept me haunting.

It continued disturbing me; then, I decided to take a collective opinion. The journey started, with a simple question, ‘Who did you thank today?’

The first person that I asked the question to was Dr.Juby Thomas, Approaching her; I asked “Who did you thank today”? She then, thought for a while; and said- “I thanked god”. The start was perfect, just the way I wanted it to be. In fact it’s something we all must do when we are about to start our day.

I continued my quest, Then, I met Fr. Augustine George, the Vice -Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, I asked him the same question as whom did he thank that day? He smiled and answered “my mother”. When I heard his response to my question, I smiled too, as the saying goes, ‘God could not be present everywhere; so he created mothers’ but unfortunately, this has only remained as a saying now. From the time sun rises, to the time you yawn and sleep; she is awake. Working to make your life worth easier, just to show how much she loves you, but we don’t thank her, do we?

As I was running around, to complete my list of ten people, it started pouring. I stood under the shade of a building and waited. The next person was right there. An undergraduate student was standing there looking up at the sky and thanking the sky for the beautiful rain which was pouring. The climate was beautiful and I happened to realize it only when I heard her say thank you.

The next person was Mr. Sunil Jacob, a person who owns a food supply store in canteen, I asked him to tell me that who he thanked that day? He thought for a while and said, “The driver who allowed me to overtake, understanding that I was in a hurry while I was driving to college”. The track was right till now.

The other person who I asked the question to was Ms. Manjushree a student of II M.Sc. Psychology. Asking her, she said, “The first thanks were to the watchman. He guided me away from an accident when I was with earphones, on loud music.” The smile was still in full stretch.

I was reaching the eighth on my count, a friend of mine, Ms. Ibin Mariam, II M.Com and asked her of her thanks story. She said, “Sharon. She filled my bottle with water knowing that I was the laziest person on earth and would not do it on my own.”

Ninth person who I asked this question to was Mr. Jibin Mathew. Asking him, he said, “My roomie because he wished me a good luck for the exam.”

Unable to find the tenth person in line, I thought of whom had I thanked first as the day started. The smile lit up and as an impulsive measure texted a thank you again to my roommate, Ms. Gautami Prathan, I B.A JPEng, because if not her, I would be still on bed fulfilling my beauty sleep.

“ Be thankful for what you have ,you will end up having more, if you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” this saying conveys the strongest message about being thankful for everything we have. Because “gratitude will shift us to a higher frequency and we will attract much better things”

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