About the Department

Department of Media Studies was started in 2002 to equip students to excel in media education, training and research through a curriculum which synergize theoretical and practical components, and is delivered through multidisciplinary approach. Our dedicated academicians along with media experts, professionals and researchers with global competencies train students in both media content and form to succeed in today's challenging media scenario. Moreover, our interdisciplinary curriculum and flexible classrooms will create a real media experience with creative media productions, critical analysis, and entrepreneurialism.

 Programmes Offered

MA Journalism and Mass Communication

The programme stresses a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of journalism and mass communication. The curriculum is carefully tailored to prepare students for better academic careers in communication, giving them the broad liberal arts education necessary to succeed as communicators in today's challenging media scenario.


This programme is tailor-made to enable students to acquire artistic and technical skills in photography, videography, sound design, audio-video editing, film making, print design and production, graphics, animation, web designing, and advertising, thereby making them industry-ready. Furthermore, the programme intends to mould visual media professionals with human values and social consciousness. This programme also provides students myriad practical components to integrate innovations in media technologies for effective communication.


The course is a part of the three BA dual-major programmes spaning across eight semesters. Journalism courses aim at molding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and electronic media, and in allied fields like advertising, photography, film making, and corporate communication. These courses introduce various facets of the profession of journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training. The curriculum is carefully tailored to prepare students for professional or academic careers in mass communication, giving them the broad liberal arts education necessary to succeed as communicators in today's complex and changing world.

BA Journalism & English Literature (JOEN) BA Journalism & Political Science (JOPS)

BA Psychology & Journalism (PYJO)


The media lab is equipped with latest audio-video production equipment to enable students to have a hands on experience in audio-video production. The journalism students get real-world experience in multi-media productions through the offline television channel- Kristu Jayanti College Television and an offline radio channel- Kristu Jayanti Radio. Students are also trained for Multi-cam LIVE productions through covering various events of the college.

 Student Productions

Kristu Jayanti College journalism students to get a real world experience of the media, produce various print and electronic productions. These include daily newsletters, niche magazines, LIVE and Recorded television productions, Radio Productions, Blogs, Advertisements etc.

KJC TV Documentary / Feature Productions Pixel KJC Radio The Quadrangle Campus Courier Blog



The department empowers the media aspirants through numerous curricular and co-curricular activities, helping them to be resourceful and competitive in the ever changing media scenario. National Conferences and Seminars, International Lecture Series, Expert Lectures, Alumni Talk Series, Workshops, Fests, Exhibitions etc are organized regularly to gain exposure to changing media and academic spaces.

Conferences / Seminars Guest Lectures Exhibitions & Fests Media Tech Workshops Alumni talk Series

International lecture series Faculty Development Programme Vichaarmanthan ON REC Media Fest

Webinars Students Panel Discussion Techne Orientation programme Value added course

Saksyachitra - Documentary Film Festival

 Clubs and Association

The department augments diverse skillsets for the students required in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication disciplines through its clubs and associations. The department conducts numerous activities like guest lectures, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, field visits and internships under Journalism Club, Film Club and Photography Club.

Journalism Club Photography Club Film Club

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