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The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Kristu Jayanti College nurtures budding journalist to be industry-ready. ON REC, the intra-collegiate Media Fest (First Edition) is organised to foster the skills and talents of students. The fest aims to enable students to grow up as journalists who are courageous to stand out and raise their voices against the fabrication of reality. ON REC is a compendium of events that test the creativity, intellect and technical skills of the students. Students learn the craft that is important when they are in the media industry. Participants are provided with a platform to prove that they have the potential to develop new skills that can come handy.

The first edition of ON REC consisted of eight events which covered all the genres of the media industry.

REVERB - The RJ Competition was held to enhance the technical knowledge of radio and communication skills in students. Various creative rounds were organised to help them familiarise with the voice modulations for radio and to bring out the RJ in them.

IRIS - The Photo Essay focused on building the photography and storytelling skills of the students. Students were presented to create photo-story about a common topic at a short period of time.

TAHAL - Video Walk encouraged students to capture precious moments about a place and put various camera techniques learned in class to practice.

FRAME IT - Story Building competition tested the creative and spontaneous streak of media students. Students had to think out of the box and come up with a unique perspective of the images shown.

CRITIQUO - Ad Critique provided a platform for students to understand the creative as well as the marketing side of an advertisement. Students critically analyse advertisement and presented their arguments in this event.

CREATIVE HIVE - Designing Competition was conducted to prove the proficiency of the students in graphic design software and visualisation.

SAMVADH - PR Event made students capable of handling stress in the corporate field and develop a communication strategy for the client.

EXPRESSIO - Demo Press introduced various celebrities on stage to meet the press.

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