BA JPCS (Journalism, Psychology, Computer Science)

Programme Description
The course aims at moulding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and broadcasting and in allied fields like Advertising, Film, and Public Relations. The course introduces various facets of the profession of the journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on the job training. The course is a part of the four BA triple main combinations and consists of eight subject titles stretching all the semesters. The major papers include Reporting, Editing, Media Laws, Basic Audio-Visual Media and Media Management. Furthermore, the Department stresses a balance between the theoretical and practical elements of journalism and mass communication, and the curriculum is carefully tailored to prepare students for professional or academic careers in communication, giving them the broad liberal arts education necessary to succeed as communicators in today's complex and changing world.

A course in psychology equips the students with an in depth knowledge in various aspects like child psychology, industrial psychology, counseling psychology, personality development etc. In addition to the theory papers the students have practical papers every year which will give them practical insight into the subjects.

Computer Science
During the three year program the students gain intensive theoretical and practical knowledge and are steered towards becoming proficient in programming languages, computer architecture, concepts of operating system analysis and design, data structures, numerical methods, concept of database management systems and business data processing. During the final year of study, students have an opportunity to interact with the industry and work on live projects that are part of their curriculum.

Eligibility Criteria
A student securing 40% aggregate marks including languages in P.U.C / 10 +2 / Pre University equivalent course is eligible.

Course Matrix

 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN161201  Additional English I
 KAN161201  Kannada I
 HIN161201  Hindi I
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG161201  English I
 CSC151202  Computer Science I [Programming in C]
 CSC1512L2  Computer Science Practical I [Programming in C]
 PSY151201  Psychology I [Basic Psychology I]
 PSY1512L1  Psychology Practical I
 JOR161201  Journalism I [Introduction to Mass Communication]
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NCS150101  Computer Fundamentals
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN162201  Additional English II
 KAN162201  Kannada II
 HIN162201  Hindi II
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG162201  English II
 CSC152202  Computer Science II [Content Management]
 CSC1522L2  Computer Science Practical II [Content Management]
 PSY152201  Psychology II [Basic Psychology II]
 PSY1522L1  Psychology Practical II
 JOR162201  Journalism II [Print Media Journalism]
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NHU150102  Indian Constitution
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN163201  Additional English III
 KAN163201  Kannada III
 HIN163201  Hindi III
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG163201  English III
 CSC153202  Computer Science III [Internet Technology]
 CSC1532L2  Computer Science Practical III [Internet Technology]
 PSY153201  Psychology III [Developmental Psychology I]
 PSY1532L1  Psychology Practical III
 JOR163201  Journalism III [Media Laws and Ethics]
 HUM153201  Basic Research Methods
 Non-Core Paper [Mandatory]
 NHU150101  Environment studies and Civic Sense
 Course Code  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AEN164201  Additional English IV
 KAN164201  Kannada IV
 HIN164201  Hindi IV
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 ENG164201  English IV
 CSC154202  Computer Science IV [Visual Programming]
 CSC1542L2  Computer Science Practical IV [Visual Programming]
 PSY154201  Psychology IV [Developmental Psychology II]
 PSY1542L1  Psychology Practical IV
 JOR164201  Journalism IV [Basic Audio-Visual Media]
   Choice Based Course
 Add-on Course
   Life Skill Education
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 CSC155203  Computer Science V [E- Commerce]
 CSC155204  Computer Science VI [Print Media Design]
 CSC1552L2  Computer Science Practical VI [Print Media Design]
 PSY155201  Psychology V [Behavioural Dysfunction I]
 PSY1552L1  Psychology Practical V
 PSY155202  Psychology VI [Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour I]
 PSY1552L2  Psychology Practical VI
 JOR165201  Journalism V [Reporting Methods]
 JOR165202  Journalism VI [Editing Techniques]
 HUM1552P1  Project / Dissertation / Internship
 Add-on Course
   Extension Activities
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 CSC156203  Computer Science VII [Digital Media]
 CSC1562L1  Computer Science Practical VI [Digital Media]
 CSC1562P2  Computer Science Mini Project
 PSY156201  Psychology VII [Behavioural Dysfunction II]
 PSY1562L1  Psychology Practical VII
 PSY156202  Psychology VIII [Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour II]
 PSY1562L2  Psychology Practical VIII
 JOR166201  Journalism VII [Media Management]
 JOR166202  Journalism VIII [Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations]

* A pass in the Non-Core Course is mandatory for pass status; However, marks secured in this Course is not considered for grand total / class / rank

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before/during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

BCA I Semester (2019-22 Batch) and BCA V Semester (2017-20 Batch) results are published online on 21-Nov-19. | M Sc. (Psy.) III Semester Results of 2018-20 Batch students are published online through the ERP today(16-Nov-19).| Commencement of UG Programmes - Even Semester - 18-11-19 for Reporting Time, Class Room and Venue [CLCIK HERE] | MA (Economics), MA (Eng. Literature), MA (JMC), M Com., M Com (FA), M Com (FA with CGMA), M Sc. (Coun. Psy.) and MSW III Semester Results of 2018-20 Batch students are published online through the ERP today(14-Nov-19). | Last date to apply for SC/ST scholarship for Karnataka students is 30th November 2019. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS] | 55th Annual Convocation of Bangalore University [CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS] | CLICK HERE FOR CONVOCATION APPLICATION FORM | University Fee Notification for Odd semesters of all UG Courses Examination of November - December 2019 [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

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