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The Hues: is a bi-annual visual communication magazine crafted by the Visual Communication students of Kristu Jayanti College's Media Studies Department. This platform explores diverse facets of visual communication, showcasing student excellence in graphic design, photography, cinematography, and multimedia projects. Embracing diversity, the magazine reflects various cultural perspectives and celebrates emerging trends at the intersection of technology and creativity.

The Quadrangle: an in-house annual print newsletter published by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to facilitate the undergraduate journalism students in reporting. The Quadrangle covers all major events and other activities of the campus in a journalistic angle. The newsletter also carries a supplement page where it provides the students to showcase their feature writing skills.

Pixel: an in-house photography magazine published by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to equip journalism students in the areas of creative and news photography.

Campus Courier: In an era of communication revolution, it is necessary for the journalism students to hone their reporting and editing skills to deliver fair, accurate and objective content. Campus Courier, a newsletter produced by the postgraduate students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department is a launch-pad for their journalistic endeavors. Students regularly write news articles, interviews, reviews and features on relevant issues that are prevalent in the society and are published in Campus Courier.

InkSpire: is a weekly online student publication brought out by the Department of Media Studies to refine the reporting, editing and designing skills of students. The e-newsletter covers all the major events and activities taking place at Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru.

The student reporters working as part of the e-newsletter are delegated with the duty of reporting the various events and interviewing faculty members and students to take their opinions in framing in-depth and objective reports. The editorial team of the e-newsletter carries out the editing of the news reports and the design team places the reports and photographs in the set layout. The final draft is re-checked and approved for publication by the staff editors. The newsletter envisions to finetune the students keen in becoming the future journalists.

KJC Mirror: The KJC Mirror is a weekly newsletter produced and published by the postgraduate students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department. KJC Mirror provides a glimpse of curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities of the college. The goal of the newsletter is to inform the larger student fraternity about news and events happening in the campus.

Carnival: It is a leisure and lifestyle magazine produced by the post-graduate media students. The magazine is a showcase of life's little pleasures such as food, travel, and culture; and a canvas for the creative and artistic pursuits of students.

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