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Divya K.S

We all have sat in a classroom. Most of the times it is a four walled room, decorated with vibrant colored charts with pictures, explanation and memories, or even an open ground under the blue sky surrounded by green trees. I have studied in almost eight different schools; in different places, with students from various backgrounds. For me, a classroom is not just calculated by the way it is built, but by the people who build it; who are none other my friends and teachers.

Classrooms mean nothing to me if there is no fun in being there; in fact classrooms are a synonym of fun to me. My classroom in the post-graduation block of Kristu Jayanti College is completely different experience. Since it is a post graduate course the total strength is smaller, which is a great advantage. I feel like a family member in my classroom. We are all from different places which makes it all the more interesting. The classroom becomes more like a home, when we share our food, emotions and our work load. We share equal status and freedom to tease, and call each other with silly names gleefully.

Apart from all the fun and family life which we all have, it also contributes to almost a greater amount of learning and acquisition of knowledge. This happens through a ‘guru’, whom we all lovingly call a ‘teacher’, or after our higher secondary schooling refer to as ‘professor’.

In a classroom, it’s not just the bookish knowledge of the prescribed syllabus, but also teachings of how one’s life should be. Someone once said, “Just classroom is not education but is life’s learning in itself.”

I have studied in 17 different classrooms with around a minimum of 50 different teachers, who have left their thinking as an imprint on my mind. This has actually made me the person I am today.

Earlier classes had only green or black boards with white chalk, which was mostly stolen by a classmate to escape the teaching during classes. Then came the white board, whose pen was stolen, but with technology now, class rooms are digitally enabled, and there is no escaping. Whatever it was, those days were and are still beautiful, they will remain beautiful forever. Fresh and young in my mind, and so would be my classroom when I return to Kristu Jayanti College, during the reunions.

I love my classrooms, which have instilled in me the dream to soar high and fly.

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