Which wolf would you feed more?

Vidyut Bhasin

We all know what depression is, and some of us could have been a prey to it at some point of time in our life. There are nearly 10 million cases of depression a year in India alone. I would like to share a story which actually prevented me from slipping into depression.

There was this time in my life when I used to get pretty sad about small issues easily. I never used to open up about my problems. When the going got pretty tough, there was this friend; a friend who was my light at the end of the tunnel; the friend who held my hand and guided me to the end, where there would be no more darkness.

I unsealed my problems to her. What surprised me then was the fact that she understood exactly the way I felt. She asked me an effortless simple question. A question which changed my life in many ways: “There are two wolves, one with happiness, love and motivation and another with sadness, despair and all the negative vibes. Which wolf would you feed more?”

I took a while to think about it and replied that I would feed the wolf with happiness, love and motivation. She then said, “Everybody’s life is the same; we have a constant struggle of deciding which one to choose?? The wolf we feed is going to reflect in us.”

Maybe these few words by her have acted as the principles on which I think life is meant to be lived. There are very few things that are meant to affect us to the extent that we go into the phase of depression. This is something we must all give a thought to and try to face the toughest situations in life.

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