20 days @KJC is like reading 20 books in a month

Linga Bhavani

I entered the campus of Kristu Jayanti College on 25 July 2019 and I am writing this on 19 August 2019. Retrospection of the past 20 days in Kristu Jayanti College made me realize, that every day is a day for a new learning. These 20 days were filled with the experiences of enthusiasm, gaining knowledge and happiness. How beautiful it is to see different things with the same excitement and happiness every day in our life!

I wonder about the number of events that happen daily within this campus; every department organizes several events to encourage and hone the skills of students, which help them in different aspects of life.

Within these 20 days, I have seen different workshops, seminars, events, fests and guest lectures on a wide range of topics like Kalajyothi, Vanamahostav, Philately Exhibition – Reminiscence of Indian glory through stamps, Poster presentations to exhibit the students' research skills, Jai Hind – a tribute to Indian culture are a few mesmerizing events I came across. It means there were many more events which I couldn’t explore!

On the 19th day, there was a guest lecture on “Emerging Trends in Film making” later a photography exhibition; followed by a workshop on the 20th Day. I could learn so many things in just a single day. Wow! Wasn’t that amazing?

These fests, conferences and interactions that happen in the college lead every Jayantian towards leadership, empowerment and it nurtures an integral development. It was fascinating to see the involvement of meritorious and non- meritorious students in various activities. The opportunities to interact learn and gain knowledge through confidence is the binding factor. This newness in campus life has widened my attention to wider horizons in just 20 days.

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