My Place of Happiness Amidst Chaos

Riddhi Agarwal (22MJMC30)

"What one loves in childhood stays in their heart forever" - Mary Jo Putney

Childhood memories often fill our hearts with joy, love and excitement. Can you recall what you were most fond of in those days? Do you still feel the same amount of happiness when you see it now?

I, in my childhood, was very fond of waterfalls, fountains and rivers. I still remember how immediately after my school hours, I used to rush to the fields in my village.

Water has immense power, and healing properties for the mind, body and soul. Its therapeutic nature heals the body and relaxes the mind. Connecting with water not only heals in a spiritual way, but also in a scientific way.

However, shifting to a metropolitan city, it's difficult to check out the waterfalls or be closer to nature. That's the reason people often go to nature spots during their weekends which acts as a great form of escapism from the everyday rush of life.

Amidst the rushing world, irritating sound honking, and never-ending chaos- I find the pleasant place in between the city, to be exact: in my college i.e., KRISTU JAYANTI COLLEGE.

A little intro about the college-
Kristu Jayanti College is situated in the North of Bangalore, Karnataka, with its rich architecture, well-structured buildings and lush greenery, it is managed by Bodhi Niketan Trust, formed by the members of St. Joseph Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. It was recently accredited with a CGPA of 3.78 out of 4 point scale at A++ grade. It offers a wide range of courses for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students in the streams of Commerce, Computer Applications, Hospitality and Tourism, Management and Business Administration, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Media, Mass Communication and Journalism, etc.

The faculty members of the college are really helpful and supportive concerning our academic achievements, they encourage us not only for academic performance but also give equal importance to co-curricular activities such as Sports, Music Dance, Debate, Arts, Film Making, and Photography.

The cleanliness and leafage inside the campus along with the buildings, achievements and glory of the students grab the attention of every visitor. In just a span of 1 month, I found many spots which are now my favourites inside the campus- be it the Square- a hotspot for chilling out or, the canteen with its delicious meals and drinks at extremely affordable rates, or the white statue with waterfall or the basketball ground as well as the natural lawns to sit and spend some time in grounding.

But among all these, my favourite of the favourites is the white stoned statue of Jesus with two children playing, along with its sides of continuously flowing water outside of the PG Block. The greenery around the statue with the wooden bridge envelopes one with positive vibes and gives a natural appearance to the man-made structure. This adds beauty to the seating area nearby and provides a calmer atmosphere for the people sitting near it.

The black rocks surrounding the statue shine with the rays of the sun and add a unique background to the main structure. The structure of the rock and the colour contrasts are what make the area a standalone in the whole campus. It catches the attention of passers-by, no matter what. Walking just a few steps down towards Gate No. 1 of the college, you can hear the pleasant sound of running water, the soothing sound of water flowing instantly improves the mind and gives a natural facelift. Taking a break from the loud and fast-paced world in spite of work or pressure, for me, is very easy now! The amalgamation of the calming sound with its beautiful view and smell blends so well giving a soothing atmosphere for everyone. I instantly vibe with the environment, and whenever I feel low, I tend to visit and sit there for a few minutes and feel the storm inside me calming down in no time.

Burble, the sound of the flowing water through the rocks instantly teleport me to a different realm- my childhood days, enjoying and relaxing within myself. My fickle mind becomes a stable and happy mind that enjoys each moment like a kid with zero worries and issues.

So, if you visit the college in the coming 2 years - and see a girl sitting next to the statue and waterfall with her eyes closed, recognize that's me! :) Riddhi Agarwal, from Media Studies Department. Don't forget to wave or say hi! to me.

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