KJC: A Lifelong Voyage to Cherish


A voyage that begins surely has to end one day too, and here I see myself nearing to the end of an incredible one, my voyage in Kristu Jayanti College. Yes, I call it a voyage, for a reason. A sailor while sailing on a voyage experience tough waves and stormy nights yet collects bundles of treasure and lands up on several small lost shores or the untouched ones and ultimately crosses the horizon to reach the destined shore. Similarly, as I stepped in Kristu Jayanti College, I never imagined of what coming ahead yet moved forward, experiencing lots of ups and downs and on my way became fortunate enough to collect a lot of learnings, achievements, and beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

In the first year it took time to adjust to new surroundings, new people, and new rules everything so new. But eventually, teachers more like guides and friends made me feel comfortable. One day I came to know about the selections of NCC happening in the college. Kristu Jayanti College has an army wing to mould the future citizens of the country and offers an ocean full of opportunities. I was late in filling the form but fortunately got through all the selection stages and got in as a cadet. And eventually making friends, understanding the college and marching on the ground during parades, first-year went pass.

It was by the second year that I started to realize that the college had so much to offer me. I started taking part in various fests that were happening in KJC. Even those little fests made a significant difference. They became a way to meet new people and build on my skills in communication. That year I also got an opportunity to go for one of the most prestigious NCC camps, The Republic Day camp. That demanded a lot of time and missing a lot of classes. I was scared to go but the college gave me a push to try and give my best. It gave me a platform to prove who I really was. And that is what made me believe in my capabilities and I completed the NCC Republic Day Camp 2019 and was a part of the winning contingent of the coveted Prime Ministers banner at Delhi and the Deputy Director General NCC commendation.

On returning the warm welcome at the college and the appreciation made me feel my worth and made me strive for even better. However, the end semester exams then approached and I had no clue of studies because of all the classes that I had missed. I wondered if I would even pass the semester. But KJC management, the examination centre and all the teachers helped me make it possible with easy access to all study materials and great teaching tools and methods, and I cleared my exams with first grade. It really made me understand how to balance both academics and extracurricular. KJC indeed offers a beautiful blend of both and helps in developing individuals who are capable in multiple ways.

The series didn’t end there. I was soon informed that I was selected to represent our country as a delegate in the Youth Exchange Programme at Vietnam 2019. My dream of carrying the Indian flag on my chest was turning into reality. And again it was the organization I was studying in which helped. I say so because one of the major criteria for YEP selections was the skills in debating, communicating, public speaking and confidence in presenting oneself before others. And I believe opportunities within the college like debating society, conduction of model united nation, master of ceremony in various inter and intra college fests, various language courses and organizing of various competitions moulded me to achieve what I wanted to. Such opportunities not only provide an added advantage to the CVs for future jobs but also teach to face the corporate world.

In the final year with utmost faith in me I have shouldered the responsibility to mould several other Jayantians as the coordinator of National Cadet Corps. Along with me were installed several other students as the coordinators of various clubs and associations. The college provided a chance for those students to represent the student community and build their leadership skills, later to be used forever. Not only were the student coordinators a representative but also a voice of the student population making Kristu Jayanti a student-friendly campus.

And now when it all comes to an end I realize I have gained much more than what I can speak. All I would want to conclude it by saying that as I come to the end of my voyage reaching the horizons I realized that a fish if kept in a small tank, will restrict its growth and will never grow up to its whole capability while if left in an ocean will grow to its best. And Kristu Jayanti is one such wide ocean that gives the entire prospect to grow to the best of your capability.

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