We bid you adieu

Divya K.S
I MA, Journalism and Mass Communication

It is the season of farewell at Kristu Jayanti College. It is the season of goodbyes. It is that one last time to have good fun together as a class. The college walls reverberated with sounds of laughter, joy and a little bit of sorrow during the farewell season. We were lucky enough to witness our wonderful seniors clad in beautiful sarees and groomed suits, pose in horizontal lines for the last group photograph with their teachers who taught them through their academic years.

As the outgoing students nostalgically remember their fun, the juniors get busy in preparing them their farewell. All the departments of the college, hosted theme farewell parties for their respective seniors and gave them surprises.

Singing, playing games and rehearsed dance steps were some of the fun aspects of farewell. The most awaited part is when the teachers and the students speak their heart out, selecting the most memorable moments of their years. Secrets and beautiful memories come into the mind and tears slowly swell up. It’s a pleasure to hear seniors recount their story at KJC starting from the day they entered class for the first time and of how the time has passed, to the last day they would ever enter it anymore as a student. The hot topics that remain are of the food shared, the comments passed, the tears shed, the fights which ruined moods and the outings made. All then just remain embedded on the pages of the mind, like a rose kept and forgotten in a heavy book and then suddenly remembered one day.

The best part of having farewell is being presented with gifts. Every senior is given a gift, best when customized to remember the days spent in happiness and of the loving juniors to whom they leave the fame torch of the department, and walk out to the society.

Soon my day would come when I will leave and walk out, and then I would turn back once before I leave, with tears in my eyes and the last chance to say good bye.

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