KJC Experience

Anurag Thompson
II MA, Journalism and Mass Communication

Five years! It’s a long time to spend anywhere – and it most certainly is a long time to spend in a college. But that's exactly what I did. And, as I stare at the finish line of what has been an unbelievable journey as a Jayantian, I can safely say, that I have no regrets.

Having finished both my BA and MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kristu Jayanti College, one could call me a certified product of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, KJC – and, I am proud of that.

These five years at KJC have given me everything I had hoped for, In fact beyond my imagination! I had the privilege to be taught by wonderful teachers who totally contributed to my growth in their own special ways. Most importantly, I made friends that will last me a lifetime. Countless unforgettable memories have etched a place in my heart, and these are memories that I will carry with me as I take my final steps.

Putting things into perspective, my UG days were a blast. I quickly overcame my apprehension and began to grow within this vast environment of learning. The college placed equal emphasis on academics as well as extra-curricular activities and I fully cherished this holistic approach towards education. Needless to say, the unforgettable classroom shenanigans, canteen pit stops and the undying jibber-jabber of the UG Block are memories which I still hold onto dearly.

As I moved into PG with much scepticism because the department was relatively new, the assurance from the Dean of Humanities, Dr. Gopakumar A.V, was enough for me to take a leap of faith and return to KJC.

The leap of faith paid dividends. What followed were two more productive years. With the emphasis in PG being more academic, I was able to learn in-depth about the multiple vehicles of media and evaluate for myself where I best fit in.

Fast forwarding to the completion of my course, I have been placed at Oath Inc, one of the biggest companies in the world, who I will be joining being fully equipped with a vast pool of knowledge and exposure, all thanks to Kristu Jayanti College.

As I leave the college with a heavy heart, I know for certain that the college will grow further and reach greater heights as the years roll by. As for me, I'm looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life. But my heart will always yearn for those magical college days that I’ll always remember, with the people I'll never forget.

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