How to keep health in mind when in college

Ravisha Issar

In a technology-driven era, we usually tend to ignore ourselves and our health. Accepting college as our second home, we spend our most of the quality time in the campus then why not include health in it too? Several studies conducted on student’s life in college states that continuous sitting for longer durations and being exposed to screens the entire time gives rise to spinal problems at early ages. It not only adds to physical pain but also increases the mental pressure. So what do we do?

One of the advantages of being a Jayantian, we get is the regular intervals after every class then why not utilize it! Here are a few tips to follow for achieving a better mental as well as physical health by remaining in the college:

It is always advisable to take a walk after every hour when exposed to continuous sitting. It improves the blood circulation and makes a better flow of oxygen until your brain cells which will help achieve better concentration and prepare you for the next lecture hour.

Instead of bunging on to munchies try and bring fresh fruits or raw veggies to munch on during the ten minutes break. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will add to a healthier skin and improve the digestive system.

Thanks to the water installations on every floor, after every hour drinking a glass of water will help in balancing the water levels of the body and reducing belly fat. Especially drinking water after one hour of consumption of food helps the body in utilizing the nutrients of food.

Involve yourself in constructive conversation with your friends at every break. It helps in lowering down the blood pressure and increases the ability to improve the emotional intelligence plus building strong relationships.

Carry an extra bottle of some detox drinks every time. It can include cucumber, ginger, and lemon, a perfect combination of high metabolism, metabolism and good health.

  • Ditch elevators and say bye to Arthritis!
  • A little stretching wouldn’t do any harm.
  • Try to avoid overexposure to screens. Laptops, phones, mobiles. It will help in increasing attention span.
  • Spend some time alone for at least 5 minutes staring at nature. It will help in achieving a better concentration and providing mental peace.
  • No matter what happens, remember nothing is permanent. So keep smiling and live your life!

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