And it Was Meant to Happen- “Thank You Father, Thank You KJC!”

Arpita Sinha

It was on 13th June 2018, when I entered into the premises of this college. Extremely worried, extremely hurried! That was the day when I was supposed to attend my counselling interview. Wandering in the chaos of life and future, lost in the depth of my thoughts, I wondered, “Will I be able to get through this?” Because then, there were those days before; when I had seen failures, and only failures, along the shore (of life).

To be very honest, my school life did not end with a good note. I had nothing else, but only nonfulfillment. Each and every day of my life contributed to the loss of all my expectations and hopes. And this, eventually led to a severe lack of self-confidence in me. Severely, I felt broken, I felt low. But it was meant to happen. “Welcome to Kristu Jayanti! Do well in your life”, these were the exact words of Father Vice Principal, when I was taken in here. He found a potential in me. It felt like, I was rediscovered. So things actually happened! Initially, I couldn’t really believe that I got through it. But you see, life shows you a way when you are disappointed with it.

All the fests, the conferences and the interactions that happen in the college; lead me towards growth and development. Every day I get to interact with so many people, young minds, and amazing personalities! I try to participate and volunteer in as many events as possible. I try my best to overcome all my insecurities and fears here. The college definitely provides me a great platform to showcase and improve my talents and skills. Every day, I take a step forward towards the improvement and the college surely helps me in that. Kristu Jayanti certainly provides me various golden opportunities to ameliorate.

Today, at this moment, I feel uplifted. I feel developed. I can feel the growth. I can feel the evolution that is happening in me. I am ascending, I am rising. And all the credits for this of course, goes to my parents (my loved ones), to the college and yes, to The Great Almighty.

Thank You Mom-Dad! Thank You Father! Thank you KJC! Thank You God!

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