Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

In the year 2002, at the undergraduate level Journalism was introduced as a part of triple major programme and in the year 2015 the postgraduate course in Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) was started. The syllabus has been structured to suit the dynamic industry needs, nurture the intellectual and creative abilities among students.

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication strives for excellence in media education, training and research through a curriculum which synergize theoretical and practical components, and is delivered through multidisciplinary approach. Our dedicated academicians along with media experts, professionals and researchers with global competencies train students in both media content and form to succeed in today’s challenging media scenario. Moreover, our interdisciplinary curriculum and flexible classrooms will create a real media experience with creative media productions, critical analysis, and entrepreneurialism.

The department, other than classroom teaching, has maintained a working lab and a television and a radio production studio for the practical sessions.

The department of Journalism conducts national level seminars, research symposium, international lecture series, industry interface programs; alumni talk series, workshops and guest lectures on a regular basis. Internship programs are an important part of the academics to learn the concepts of journalism practically. It is mandatory that every student must intern in any media organizations of their choice.

Students also bring out a daily wall newsletter titled KJC Mirror. KJC Mirror provides glimpses of curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities of the college. The goal of the newsletter is to engage the students in newspaper production.

The other publications of the department are:
The Quadrangle: An in-house bi-annual print newsletter published by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to facilitate the undergraduate journalism students in reporting. The Quadrangle covers all major events and other activities of the campus in a journalistic angle. The newsletter also carries a supplement page where it provides the students an opportunity to showcase their feature writing skills.

Pixel: An in-house photography magazine published by the Department of Journalism and Mass

Campus Courier: In an era of communication revolution, it is necessary for the journalism students to hone their reporting and editing skills to deliver fair, accurate and objective content. Campus Courier, a newsletter produced by the postgraduate students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department is a launch-pad for their journalistic endeavors. Students regularly write news articles, interviews, reviews and features on relevant issues that are prevalent in the society and are published in Campus Courier.

Kristu Jayanti Television and Radio: An offline Radio and TV programming and production, started with an objective to reach out students, staff and visitors by streaming mash-up videos of all major programmes conducted in Kristu Jayanti College. These audio/visuals will provide an opportunity for the students, staff and visitors to know the various programmes that are organized at Kristu Jayanti College.

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