Creating a legacy: Embracing a Common Culture

Anissa L

Outside the main city of Bengaluru; lies a structure, occupied by almost seven thousand progressive youths, building not only their career; but the basic cultural heritage put forth by the college. Kristu Jayanti College is an institution known for not just the academic excellence, but also for providing a strong value oriented foundation for all of its budding cubs

The Jayantian Culture which has been incorporated by the College itself is the epitome that has been leading the students to rise above any uncivilized culture. The culture uplifts our own Indian tradition by setting basic self-enriching rules, which are not only flexible but distinct in nature.

The culture further allows the students to express themselves in various events held throughout the year. This can range from many intra to inter – collegiate events like Kalajyoti, Sargotsav, Nrityanjali, ethnic day and many more. In such events, students embrace their culture while still maintaining the Jayantian decorum throughout. The same allows students to come out of the box by respecting certain rules of the college.

Our college which has courses for two, three and five years respectively for different streams has graciously been able to impart its values upon the students before they leave the institution.

Some of the values that are held high in the college are Faith, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence. These form the base for the students to follow the cultured set of decree of the dynamic establishment.

These values are not only applicable during one’s time in the college premises; but these are such great morals which can be held high throughout a person’s life. Because of its nature, Jayantian Culture enables the students to follow and impart values alike to the other fledging pupils in the future as well.

In the end, it is us – the students who can do justice to the legacy what has been passed on.

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