Breaking the glass ceiling: Celebration of world photography day

Abey Jacob

In the era of internet and industrialization commemoration of events has become high-tech. often we have witnessed the celebration of world photography day as a photo exhibition or an interaction with an industry expert. Since we were new to the campus and new to the industry, we didn’t realize it was world photography day, undoubtedly like any other teenager who forgets their best friends’ birthday. But around 1.40 PM our class teacher Dr. Juby Thomas walked into the class and said “Let us celebrate the world photography day by learning photography under the circuit of nature,” Oh wow! World photography Day! All of us exclaimed. I believe strongly that the nature is the art of God and photography is a talent of a human being. A perfect blend of both made a memorable celebration of world photography Day on 19 August 2019.

With so much of enthusiasm we marched towards the peepal tree on the corner of the college. An intensive group discussion on improvisation of our photography skills were the highlight. We were also given an opportunity to capture the nature’s bliss. “I learned about the different parts of a camera along with the basic operations and functions. And also various types of frames. Since we had an outdoor discussion it was much easier to implement the ideas and had a great experience,” said Malavika Surendran, first year MA Journalism Student.

On this auspicious day I just realized the aesthetics of outdoor Photography and was able to capture series of beautiful photos. One thing that often happens when we indulge in a group discussion about the quality of pictures is that people are self-conscious about their own photographic abilities, and therefore think they can’t judge a picture. Those discussions actually helped us to analyze a picture and are able to explain the compositional techniques to create a beautiful picture. It is with these life experience and sense of aesthetic that I start my journey as a personable, detailed and creative photographer.

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