Burp in a Symphony

David Rosario

Walking up that stage for the first time, in a new place, with new people; if you ask me it was definitely petrifying! For a boy who can merely hum a few notes to joining a choir?! It all seemed a bit too much at first. I remember when my name was called to give my audition. The chill that ran down my spine caught me frozen, only to be met with the tender smile of the choirmaster. All my inhibitions melted that very second and it’s when I realised the choir was a large family who just hummed, harmoniously though, at the same tunes. The choir was a doorway to the world of music. Being in the college choir taught me that good music is food for the soul and brought a sense of delight just as a good painting or a dish would.

For a mere singer, I was given opportunities to represent the college at various singing events. Although I am not all that great, the simple faith that my choirmaster had when he sent a small group of us into the vast ocean of music, where we could but doggy paddle, got us winning laurels for the college. Practice sessions for the programs were rigorous and challenging but silver is seven times tried by the fire and that’s what made our work close to perfection.

For the two mega in-house musical productions ‘Once Upon A Tune’ and ‘Woodrock’, the choir was put through a stringent and onerous training which pushed each one of the singers to their musical fringe. Mr. Purjeeth Joshua, as strict as he was, was tender, caring and compassionate. He went out of his way to help each and every student who sought his help and managed to make the herculean task, of bringing out the best vocalist and musicians in each of the students, look like simple cake walk. All in all, my experience in the Kristu Jayanti college choir was simply to die for!

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