Lessons Learned from an Open book at the College Gate

Subramani S

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” - Mark Twain

As I walk in and outside the college main gate, I happened to meet this blind man. I would love to call this man an open book that teaches several lessons to all the Jayantians. He has been selling different kinds of pens to the students of Kristu Jayanti College for several years. It reminds me of a new research, which has been found that people who have been blind from an early age can detect differences in pitch better and faster than people who can see.

Therefore, I started observing him and this open book taught me the lesson that blindness is not a punishment, what if they a physical disability? If they do not have eyes, it’s not the end of the road; they are blessed with special skills. He is an inspiration to every Jayantian, despite his disability; he’s out to earn a livelihood. His life is an inspiration to more than 5000 students who pass through the college main gate. He makes every attempt to convince the students to buy a pen; not by sympathy but through his convincing power. He gets the pen from the wholesaler and sells it for lesser price; later, he gives back the amount to the wholesaler and takes the profit. He goes beyond his comfort zone by risking his safety to support his family, and that is a lesson for all of us to break our comfort zone to achieve our dreams and break the imaginative disabilities which all of us have.

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