Deep web

Alan Kurian

Have you ever heard of deep web? Now this is something not all know, but a lot of people do know, and if you do know enough about it, and how to use it then you can gain access to a lot of Legal and illegal things

For example a teen was recently in the news for trying to kill his father using explosives that he had illegally ordered via the deep web. Lucky for his father, the NCA (National Crime Agency) had learnt of this somehow and replaced it with a dummy device, and waited to see who would come to collect it. As you can figure from the story, the intelligence agency was waiting for the guy which means they couldn't make out who had ordered it because it was done via the dark web. Deep web can give you high levels of anonymity and to add to this, transactions are done using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

So what exactly is this so called deep web? In simple terms, deep web is a part of the World Wide Web, but it is not indexed by most standard search engines. The content of deep web can be accessed by direct URL and may require a password. Browsers such as Google are the visible portion of an iceberg, the rest is the actual massive portion, and is often hidden from plain sight

Dark web which happens to be a part of deep web has also been making some noise recently. Intelligence agencies consider it as the hub for criminal activity such as terrorism, hackers, illegal drugs, and fraud services. Certain common occurring in dark web includes videos of people in “do or die” sort of game shows like the one depicted in the Hindi film ‘Luck'. One can even arrange for a hit man without even letting anyone know, or make a couple of important servers crash, or hack into some hypersensitive files. Even intelligence agencies around the world use this for securing secrecy.

Dark web and deep web are places that we should not and would not want to visit. It is a highly risky proposition and will only result in us paying a heavy price in the end. We may now think the internet (the kind accessible to us) is the best but think again. The massive number of cookies on the internet and Google’s ability to collect anonymous information about you is enough to compromise your privacy.

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