Portrayals of Probability

The Department of English (PG) at Kristu Jayanti College had organized the first art exhibition on Thursday, 16 January 2020. The art exhibition was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Josekutty P. D, the principal of our college. It was an excellent platform to project the creative genius among the students. This exhibition gave the students a plethora of knowledge about the miscellaneous art works, and artists to the spectators of the day. The art gallery had various kinds of art and craft works with 147 work of art including 11 photographs. Sketches, Pencil shading, Acrylic painting, Watercolour painting, Portraits, Madhubani painting were in the list. Paintings were done on wood, canvas, art paper etc. It proved that, art doesn't have a set personality. Its goes through many phases. It doesn't have a set look or set direction. It's just a collaboration of everything in life.

The main objective was to set a stage and create a space where artists and academicians can come together to muse on their efforts and to portray ‘the real’ and ‘the imaginary’, seeking after that ephemeral and evanescent imagination, in a confluence of Literature and Art.

V.L.Remruati, II MA student opined that “Art encompasses some of the most basic forms of communication and can be called the truest forms of expression. The Art Exhibition carried us to new realms of possibilities and imagination”. Students from the department of English as well as from other departments took active participation in this event. We thank the department of English (PG) for giving us the opportunity to find ourselves with the union of art.

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