Finding my happy place in the KJC library

Nancy Sharma

‘Everyone talks about how silent a library is, but they often forget to cherish the peace we find there’.

The pandemic had made me believe that I would never be able to visit my college. I had lost all hopes until one day, I received an e-mail regarding the beginning of offline classes. I was exhilarated. The days passed in excitement and finally, I came to college. The very first day, I took a tour of my college and realised that I was at the right place where I always wanted to be. I decided to go somewhere quiet. That’s how I entered into the Kristu Jayanti College Library, with an anxious mind. As soon as I entered, my racing thoughts started to slow down and I was amazed to see such a beautiful library. Being in school, I always used to imagine a college library. It had 30 times the books that were in my school library. It was like a Disney fan entering the Disney world moment. I wanted to touch each and every book, I wanted to sit in that place for the whole day.

Kristu Jayanti College is known for its discipline and that library was a live proof of that. The books were so organised, starting from different subjects to different topics. The navigation was so easy and uncomplicated because there were instructions written about which shelf contains what. Apart from the subject books, there were so many journals, research articles and novels.

The library was so well equipped. Unlike all other libraries I have been to, our college library was so hygienic and emitted positive vibes which implant a zeal in the students to grasp all the knowledge that the library has to offer.

Being a bibliophile, I was so confused that which book should I pick first and then, I paused for a moment and realised that I would get to visit this library for the next two years. Our librarian was so humble and helped me find a perfect book. I took a play by William Shakespeare and went back. When I left the library, my restless thoughts were calm and my mind was composed. I knew, I found my happy place. As Jane Smiley said, ‘Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book’. Fortunately, I found a book place that makes me feel the best.

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