Dream Big: Road to Success

Joice Kannanmannil Joseph
MBA, School of Management

The great visionary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “Dream are not that what you see while sleeping. They are the things that do not let you sleep.” I too have a dream. I am all set to start dreaming of being a well renowned person, probably 10 years down the lane. But what provoked me to dream big? Well, It was my MBA course at the esteemed Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous).

Attending various national level fests was definitely a spark to all my dreams and success. These fests not only helped me to be successful, but also enhanced my potential and managerial skills which I thought I never had. It helped me to become a better person and to have faith in myself. It helped me realize that in every IMPOSSIBLE that I had around me, there was always an, “I’M POSSIBLE”. Attending various national level fests helped me to understand what I am actually capable of, and also helped me to take an extra mile just to reach at the top of the pyramid provided. But such a success does not come alone with talents. You need handful of people who work behind the stage, by motivating you tirelessly and have the trust in you and your abilities.

Yes, I take pride in talking about my college. The School of Management not only focuses on various theories within the four walls of our classrooms, but also helps us get off our comfort zones, and explore the talent within us. I am indeed grateful and thankful to our beloved Dean, Dr. Aloysius Edward and our back bone, Dr. Vijaya Baskaran Head, School of Management for their constant support and motivation and above all, for keeping their trust in me and my team despite our failures. It was only because of their belief in us we knew that we could achieve anything and everything under the sky. Because of which today, I know that I can face all odds and speak up for myself. The journey was never easy. But ceratinly was all worth it! And all of this happens only when you have a supportive team.

Winning or losing is secondary they say, but participating is primary. The determination to try something new is what matters. The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. The choice is exclusively ours to make.

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