College canteen- a place to create memories!!!!!!

Jerin Kurian Jose

There’s a very interesting place in the college where almost everyone ends up going to at least once a day. It could be to sit and chat, do assignments, complete notes, work on a presentation, get a Xerox or even something as simple as a pen although it’s mostly always to grab a snack or get lunch. This engaging place is our college is ‘Inside Cafeteria.’ One of the best things even though most of us would think otherwise is the fact that you get no network here. You can work on a presentation but you can’t talk to someone on the phone while you’re at it. You can have free, live conversations with your friends and teachers without having to constantly look at your phone for new messages.

The Inside Cafeteria has a wide variety of delicacies served. From traditional south Indian food to meals-combos to hotdogs and fries they have everything. The milkshakes from here are just a glistening sugary coat on the cake that makes you crave for more. It isn’t just about the students though, teachers get a peace of mind and stress-relieving food too and they have another adjoining room for it. Part of the cafeteria this gives them a direct access to go to other buildings, like a quick short-cut.

Every student when graduating takes tons of memories from the college and this is where most of them take place. Apart from being the bearer of memories, place for sheer work in solitude or with company, and being an amazing food outlet the inside cafeteria is a part of the whole infrastructure and helps bring it to life as soon as the fourth hour bell rings and whenever there’s a free hour somewhere in some department.

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