When the guardians of KJC knocks at our doors as angels

Sristy Chhetri

The outbreak of coronavirus may be very stressful and sad for all of us. But being far away from home in this situation is worse. The ongoing stress began as a sudden break in the middle of the exam and the hike in the price of travel came as another stress. Students who are of nearby states somehow reached home but the students from far, especially the international and those from northeast got stuck in the city. Few of us managed to come home, but many of our friends and juniors are still out there in Bengaluru. Due to the emergency national lockdown, all the flights got cancelled and they ended up staying all alone.

Things were still fine until the food stored before lockdown got over and the parents back home couldn’t send money to them due to lockdown. I was worried and tensed as my friends were suffering alone.

One afternoon when I was about to have my lunch, I got a text message from my class teacher Dr. Juby Thomas, she asked me about my health and condition. I told her that I am happy and safe at my home, but my friends and juniors who are stuck there in Bengaluru are struggling to cope with the situation.

Within 30 minutes she called me and said father vice principal wants the names of all the students who are in need of any kind of help”. She quoted Fr. Augustine “none of our students should stay hungry when we are here”. I was so happy, immediately I contacted all my friends back there who were helpless and passed on his number. Past three days our guardians Fr. Lijo, Fr. Augustine and Fr Immanuel themselves reached out to my friends with bags and bags of food. All thanks to our visionary leader Rev. Fr. Josekutty whose compassion and love always reaches us on time.

My friends were so excited to share the conversation they had with the fathers,

They told me how Father Augustine told them through WhatsApp “not to worry when college is there”.

They narrated how Fr. Lijo, Fr. Augustine and Fr Immanuel and told them personally “they can ask for help again whenever they want”.

The best one they told me was “Fathers didn’t just bought Rice, dal, oil, lots of vegetables, sugar and salt, but also packets of Maggi and Coffee, how cool “.

I want to appreciate my college Kristu Jayanti, all the fathers and the management, on the behalf of all my friends, my juniors and every student, for being there for us during this pandemic.

Thank you for being the guardian to so many students.

For making every student feel home, where no one sleeps hungry.

Thank you for assuring safety and healthy stay. We are so grateful to be part of jayantian family, where the rules are overridden with love. We love you too.

Thank you, dear fathers, stay safe, stay blessed.

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