Quarantine Tips by the Jayantians for the Jayantians

Rabiya Nida

The world is going through a paradigm shift right now, the pandemic has developed a kind of fear, few people are still careless and walking around freely because they can’t stay indoors, don’t be one of those careless thickhead and put yours and others life in danger but instead stay at home and do some something that will keep you occupied, because sitting idle can cause mental harm.

Here are few things that few of us in Kristu Jayanti indulge in during these hardships to be productive and hope these tips will keep yourself occupied too.

1. Start a journal or blog: Most of the Mass Communication students are busy writing their blogs. Give it a try. Maybe it can be about coronavirus itself, where you’re spreading awareness or if not, it can be anything of your interest, you can pick up this task during the evening sitting in your balcony/sit out. It will help you from getting bored and having unnecessary thoughts and being productive in a way.

2. Learning new languages and online courses: Few of the Jayantians consider it as a wonderful opportunity to learn foreign languages. Applications like Duolingo have ventured into the life of Jayantians in their pursuit of learning. There are several Jayantians who have completed short term online courses by eyeing 02 credits to their marksheets. So to let’s make the best use of technology we have today, and be happy we aren’t quarantined without the internet. Download any app from the play store and learn a language or enrol yourself for a new course of your interest.

3. Meditate: Few status messages and Instagram pictures of Jayantians were truly inspiring when they quoted it as a perfect time to meditate. if you’re a morning person, this is just what you can do, sit straight and meditate, because it's proven that the best way to relax your mind is to just sit and meditate but if you’re not a morning person then just find some time in between and meditate.

4. Time to help the needy: Even a Jayantian along with his brother hit the headlines of newspapers for helping the needy in this time of difficulty in Guwahati. There are several other Jayantians who have volunteered to help the needy in different parts of the country. Lock down is not the same for everyone, there are people who are in need of food, maybe you know someone around your place of such kind, try providing them one time meal (with proper sanitation), you’re going to get a different kind of happiness.

5. Family time: A vast majority of outstation students who are part of the Kristu Jayanti family considers it as family time. Group messages and short videos of them all of us were really busy until the quarantine and did not actually have time for our family, now it’s the best time to give some time to your family, sit together and bond with each other, maybe by watching one favourite movie of each person every day and by playing indoor games and having your meal together.

There are few others who consider it as an opportunity to complete their homework, learn a few tips for workout, and there are a vast majority who attempt cooking and the unlimited sharing of food ideas and group discussions on how delicious the food they prepared are the conversation in groups chats that create a positive vibe. It's amazing to see them engaging in online challenges dressed best in traditional attire and sharing of childhood photos.

All what we need is to keep us occupied with positive thinking and make the best out of the available time. Stay happy…. Stay safe.

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