Kalajyothi’ - An Emotion

Contributed by Nicole Mary Varghese, Yashika Menon Pandey, Namrata Goswami, Diya Daniel and Treasa Joseph Cheeran

Bangalore: For students at Kristu Jayanti College, Kalajyothi is not just a fest. It’s an emotion. The week-long celebrations and competitions, mark the true spirits of Jayantian culture. From preparations to presentations, the annual intracollegiate literary, cultural, and gospel fest at Kristu Jayanti College is one of a kind. The theme for this year’s extravaganza was Tatva, honoring the five elements in the universe. From the promotion that took place on the 9th September, to the grand finale on the 16th of September, Kalajyothi had students across various departments explore and portray their best skills and talents.

The events were divided into the following categories: Literary, Fine Arts, Digital Creations, Decorative Art, Theatre, Music, and Dance.

The literary events comprised Creative Writing (English, Kannada, and Hindi), Elocution (English, Kannada, and Hindi), Debate, Personality Contest, Amateur RJ, and Master of Ceremony. Language, precision, vocabulary, and creativity were critical aspects of the events. The topics for the events ranged from “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” to “Climate Change and Climate Refugees.” The turnout for the literary events was high and demanded a preliminary round for the same. The prelims were held online via zoom and were managed well as per students’ statements. Events like Master of Ceremony, Amateur RJ, and Personality, were novel concepts to many. While the events were challenging, students found the experience to be rewarding.

Fine Arts consisted of Pencil Sketching, Paper Painting, Cartooning, Poster Making, Doodle Art, Calligraphy, Trash Art, and Installation. According to participants, while the allotted time was limited, they were eager to test their abilities. Blank canvases were filled with vibrancy and thematic expression. The event coordinators and heads were undoubtedly mesmerized by the artistic abilities of all Jayantians.

While the global pandemic had shifted all events online, Kalajyothi witnessed the inclusion of Digital Creations in this year’s performances. Digital Photography, Short Film Making, and Digital Poster Designing were events where students showcased their passion for the camera and adaptations. From deciding on the colors to capturing elements in their essence, these set of events brought out the storytellers in all Jayantians.

Decorative Art is a category of events aimed at drawing out the creative and design aspects in individuals. Jewellery making, Costume Design, Nail Art, Rangoli, Mehendhi, and Salad Making were events that required artistic style, imaginative patterns, and innovative ideas. Each of the participants represented their unique expressions within a limited time. Each of their work was inspired by diverse experiences and environments. The faculty coordinators were impressed by the talents of their students and appreciated the same.

Shakespeare once said - “All the world’s a stage.” Theatre is a platform for students to channel their inner voices and put them into action. The events under this category were Mono Act, Mimicry, Mime, Skit, Street Play, Tableau, and Masquerade. The acts represented brave themes related to child rape, saving the girl child, comparing mother nature to the importance of one’s mother, mythology, etc. The participants proved to bring the judges into a potential state of dilemma by going deep into the skin of their characters and portraying every complex element of these characters. While one found the events to be a vivid spectacle, another was amazed by how a minute could bring out multiple feelings. The group events witnessed laborious preparation and participation from many classes. In a way, it encouraged unity and perseverance among all.

Music was entertaining and an anticipated category at Kalajyothi -22. It was the first time since the pandemic that students got to watch great renditions and cheer for their classmates. The events included Solo Singing (Western and Eastern), Group Singing (Western and Eastern), Karaoke, Beatboxing, Instrumental Solo, instrumental Orchestra/Bands, and Rap. The musical events witnessed the students display different musical genres from classic pop to progressive rock, to funk, and many more. The judges were rendered speechless by the performances of bands like 7 D2D, M6, and veteran group T6- a band of talented musicians and two lead vocalists.

Dance is the language of the soul and Kalajyothi had events like Solo Dance (Eastern and Western), Adaptune, and Group Dance to encourage the same. The audience was enthusiastic and excited to watch the talented students perform. Adaptune required quick thinking to adapt to various genres. The mandatory rule to use props added a surprise element to the show. The days of hard work came to a close on the grand finale where judges of renowned positions helped participants become better versions of themselves.

The fest came to an end on the 16th of September and left the students excited for the next academic year. The experience was enriching for all, to say the least. The Literary and Cultural Association of Kristu Jayanti College along with the Principal, and other members of the management and faculty have played a pivotal role in making Kalajyothi 2022, a success. The stories and lessons learned, would remain a core memory for all Jayantians.

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