Management Workshop

Workshop on Startvista Symposium Research Dissemination Workshop “Impact of Government Programs and Policies on Startups in Bangalore”
Date: 14 February 2024
On Feb 14, 2024, the Department of Professional Management Studies organised a The StartVista Symposium, focusing on the "Impact of Government Programs and Policies on Startups in Bangalore," commenced with an inspiring welcome speech by Dr. Baiju P, followed by Fr. Jais V Thomas guiding students on entrepreneurship. Dr. R. Renjith from IIM Ranchi, the project coordinator, presented the designation report, expressing gratitude to field researchers and panelists. The research revealed challenges in acquiring financial data from startups, emphasizing the need for capital despite existing frameworks. Gender and social disparities, a lack of awareness on government policies, and insufficient R & D investment were highlighted. Panel Discussion 1 featured entrepreneurs, Christo John, Palak Devpura, and Tusharika Goswami, discussing government regulations, tax incentives, and impactful policies for startups in Bangalore. Panel Discussion 2 explored challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the advantages of starting a business in Bangalore, and experiences with government grants. Audience queries covered topics like education alongside startups, dealing with competition, and pitching products to investors. The event concluded with a vote of thanks, acknowledging contributors and expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort.

Vezeto 2023 Intra Collegiate Management Workshop
Date: 31 August 2023
VEZETO 2023 was the first workshop of the Department of Professional Management Studies. The department is a new division comprising of various domains of Aviation Management, Business Analytics, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Advertising and Brand Management and Retail Management. The workshop was conducted according to the domains so that the students to familiarize themselves with the challenges in the domains. All the events were headed by staff coordinators and assisted by student coordinators. As it was the first workshop of a domain specific nature, the rounds were planned well in advance and students were given 4 days to prepare for their rounds The participants are oriented about the events, with proper guidelines. The event was conducted at two levels: Preliminary and Finals. The prelims of the event were conducted on 22nd August 2023 in the classrooms. There was an average of 12 teams per class with 5 students in each team in each class. On 31st August, 23 VEZETO was inaugurated by Mr. Sai Golla, Vice President, Quality of 3M India Limited.Fr. Jais V Thomas consented to grace the occasion and gave the presidential address. Prof. Vinod Joseph gave the prelude to VEZETO. Father Jais spoke about the various phases of the Industrial Revolution and the four universal skills advocated by the United Nations. Mr. Sai Golla spoke about the various generations of consumers and their characteristics; both the talks were very inspiring and enlightened the students in various dimensions.

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