Extension Activities

Water Conservation Campaign
The Department of Professional Management Studies organised this campaign majorly to bring awareness among the nearly locality about the scarcity of water in Bangalore and how to conserve them during our everyday chores and usages. The conservation of water which is a precious resource and should be conserved for future generations also. The main objective of the save water campaign was to increase awareness of the locality neighbourhood about the scarcity of clean water and sensitize them about the conservation of water, a precious resource. The campaign aimed at reducing everyday water usage rate due to the water crisis in our state.

With this campaign people were sensitized about the importance of every drop of water and ways to conserve water also reduce the wastage of water to overcome the consequences of scarcity of water which will be faced by people in future. Our slogan for this campaign was “Save a drop for a change” to save as much as water and not waste it as it would be useful for future.

Stationary Distribution Drive
Date: 24/01/2024
The Department of Professional Management Studies started off the year with their first event on the occasion of “International Education Day” called ”Stationary Drive”, which is a program where we provide essential stationary items to enhance the learning experience of students in government schools, thereby fostering a conducive environment for academic growth. What sets this program apart is the collective participation of not just our volunteers, but the entire department in this campaign. Students from our department generously contributed stationary items such as pencils, books, colour pencils, etc., for the benefit of underprivileged students attending Government schools. The Stationary Donation Program aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the educational landscape, creating a positive impact on the lives of students in government schools and fostering a culture of compassion and support within our community.

Commemorating National Unity Day Poster Making Competition
Date: 31/10/2023
This initiative sought to build a foundation of mutual respect and understanding among future generations. Commemorating Unity Day in government schools by BBA PMS students, served as a powerful initiative to promote national cohesion and understanding. The primary objectives include instilling a sense of patriotism and unity among the younger generation, fostering a shared cultural identity, and nurturing a deep appreciation for diversity. Through engaging activities and educational programs, college students aim to inspire a collective spirit of harmony and solidarity, transcending differences and reinforcing the values that bind a nation together. This commemoration not only strengthens the social fabric but also lays the foundation for a more inclusive and harmonious society in the future.

Prayas - “Each One, Teach One”
The Department of Professional Management Studies organized their very third event of the Department. “Each One, Teach One” which is nothing but a program where the students of our department come together to engage and educate the children studying in Government Schools. This is a 7 days Activity which will be done on a regular basis. By participating in programs where older students help their younger peers, these students not only contribute to the learning process but also gain valuable teaching experience. This interaction fosters a sense of community and peer support within the school, creating a more inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Moreover, it allows the older students to reinforce their own understanding of the subjects they teach, as teaching often deepens one's comprehension. Overall, students teaching in government schools can be a win-win, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and empowerment among both students and educators.

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