BSc Statistics, Economics (STEC)

Statistics is a mathematical science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting numerical data. Statistics develops your imagination and your ability to think strategically and argue clearly. In the modern world the science of statistics is an indispensable part of every sphere of human activity and is extensively applied in framing policies and formulating decisions in a large number of diversified fields covering natural, economical, and physical and social sciences.

This course includes topics on Descriptive Statistics, Probability and its distributions, Data analysis using R, Statistical Inference, Matrix algebra and regression analysis, Analysis of variance, Experimental design, Demography and the papers which deals with industrial statistics like statistical quality Control and operation research.

Economics without Statistics has limitations in achieving what it can combine both Statistics and Economics that always runs in a long run. It provides a sound theoretical basis in economics, theory supplemented by practical applications of theories of economics and statistics. This course has an objective to cultivate intellectual ambience that would make the students strong in logical thinking, thereby enhancing their decision making skills.

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