Faculty Development Program

Dr.Vinothina, Prof.Prathap.G paper presented on 3rd International Conference on intelligent computing and communication (ICICC-2019)Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, DayanandaSagar University, Bengaluru, India, from 7/06/2019 and 8/06/2019

Prof. Ayshwarya attended a FDP on “soft computing approaches for pattern recognition”atReva University, Bangalore from 21/07/2016 to 23/07/2016

Prof.Liji George attended FDP on “NPTEL - Introduction to Biostatistics” Bangalore from June to Sep 2019

Prof. SandhyaSoman attended FDP on “NPTEL – Software Project Management” Bangalore from July to Oct 2019

Prof. Ayshwarya B attended as a resource person Workshop on “Digital inclusion, identity, trust and agency (INDIITA) – 2019,IEEE Advanced Technology for Humanity, Bangalore” from 18/7/2019 and 19/7/2019

Dr.Anthony Vincent attended Educators Meet on AWS Educators Meet-2019 on 24/7/2019

Prof. Dhanamalar, Prof. Mary Jacob attended workshop on “International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Mother Teresa University” on 5/08/2019

Prof. Mary Jacob attended conference on “International Conference on Soft computing and optimizing techniques Kamaraj College, Thoothukudi” and presented paper title Intelligent Transportation System for Smart Cities to Avoid traffic using Congestion Control Count & Density Algorithm, from 9/08/2019 and 10/8/2019

Dr. A.DalvinVinoth Kumar, Resource person on National Seminar on IOT – The next Technology,Adhiyaman Arts and Science College for Women,KrishnagiriDistrict,Tamilnadu, topic on Issues and Challenges in IOT on 14/08/2019

Prof. Ramanathan G attended Workshop on National Level Workshop on Cloud Services using AWS, Department of Computer Science[PG], IEEE Student Branch, KristuJayanti College Bengaluru, from 23/08/2019 and 24/08/2019

Prof. Dhanamalar, Prof.Mary Jacob attended workshop on “Two Day Workshop on Research Methodology for Ph.D Scholars,Mother Teresa University,Kodaikanal, from 13/09/2019 and 14/09/2019

Dr. Vinothina, Resource person on “BRUG (Bengaluru R Users Group, sponsored by R Consortium) at Grofers, Bangalore, topic on Text Analytics in R on 21/09/2019

Prof. Sevuga Pandian attended FDP on BRIDGE 2019 ICT Academy, Bengaluru, on 24/09/2019

Dr. Ranjitha, Resource Person (Symbosium) on National Level Fest Symbosium“ Latest Trends in IT”Vivekanada Arts and Science College for Women, Sankari District Salem on 1/10/2019

Prof. Ayshwarya, Prof. Prathap, Prof.Ramanathan, Prof.Mary Jacob attended FDP on ICT Academy in association with Salesforce,Platform Developer 1, Sri Ram Engineering College, Anekal, from 14/10/2019 to16/10/2019

Prof. MiniGopal Krishnan attended conference “International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Sciences(ICRAAS-2019)School of Applied Sciences Reva University, Bengaluru, presented paper topic on Generator Graphs for cyclic groups from 17/10/2019 and 8/10/2019

Prof. Sreeparna, Prof.Divya, Prof. Devakumari, Dr.Cecil, Donald, Dr.Stephen, Dr.Vinod, Dr.Prakash, Dr.DalvinVinodKumar, Dr.AntonyVincent, Prof. HubertSanthan, Prof. Mamtha, Prof.Sandhya Soman attended FDP on Future of Learning and Work-enabling graduates to be industry ready KristuJayantiCollege,Bengaluru on 19/10/2019

Dr. Margaret Mary T, Dr.Jasmine Beulah G attended FDP on data Analytics with R, at presidency College, Bangalore, from 15/10/2019 and 16/10/2019

Dr. Margaret Mary attended FDP on “Faculty Development Workshop on Data Analytics using Teblean, Sambharam Academy of Mangament Studies, Bengaluru” on 19/10/2019

Prof. Mary Jacob attended conference on International Conference on Computational Sciences (ICCS 2019)Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, and paper presented topic on Advance traffic management system using fuzzy logic controller to differentiate parking vehicle and moving vehicle on 23/10/2019

Prof. Dhanamalar M attended conference on International Conference on Computational Sciences (ICCS 2019), Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, paper present topic on Disease Inference from Health-Related Questions using Sparse Neural Network and LSTM, on 23/10/2019

Dr. Anthony Vincent attended as a Resource person workshop on Supporting and troubleshooting windows 10 training batch for Singapore based Corporate, from 21/10/2019 to 23/10/2019

Title: Faculty Development Program on Python Programming
Date: 21-03-19 & 22-03-19
Participants and Number of Beneficiaries: All UG & PG Faculties and 20 Participants.
Name and details of the Resource Person: Dr.Ambika.P, and Prof. Ayshwarya B, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore.
Objective: To elevate the faculties enrichment in programming skills.
The Department of computer science organized “FDP on Python”.
About Python
Python is an open source, high-level and powerful programming language that is well suited for scientific computing. The aim of the FDP was to provide training to the participants and benefits of Open Source Software.

Day - 1 (21.03.2019)
The FDP started at 9.30 am and inaugurated by Vice Principal Fr. Augustine George and he encouraged the participants with an enthusiastic words.
Prof. Ayshwarya B handled Session- I.
Session I: Introduction to Python
• Basics of Python
• Using the command interpreter and development environment
• Running Python Scripts
• Lists, Functions
• Packages
• Operations, Expressions
• Files, Dictionaries & Sets
Dr.Ambika.P handled Session-II
Session II: Intermediate Python
• Dictionaries and Pandas
• Logic, Control flow and Filtering
• Loops, Loading data in pandas
• Plotting data with Matplotlib,
• Different types of plots
Day-2 (22.03.19)
Session- III & IV handled by Dr.Ambika.P
Session III : Advanced Python
• Connectivity of Python with MySQL or MongoDB
• Python Libraries - Process text using regular expressions
Session IV : Data Science Toolbox
• Writing your own functions
• Default arguments, variable length arguments
• Lambda functions and error handling
Prof. Ayshwarya B handled Session IV.
Session IV: Machine Learning in Python
• Classification
• Clustering in Python

Title: Introduction to mobile app development
Date: 19th & 20th November 2018
Number of beneficiaries:In-house: 15 External: 9

List of Resource Persons with details: Ms. Fareha Hareem, Senior Technical Trainer, ICT Academy.

The objective of FDP is focused program aimed at helping learners create applications using Google's Android open-source platform. The course explains what Android is and how it compares too other mobile environments, the setup of the android based development tools, the Android SDK, all essential features, as well as the advanced capabilities.

Resource Person:
The resource person explained the differences between android and other mobile development environments, understand how Android applications work, their life cycle,manifest, Intents, and using external resources, Design and develop useful android applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating your own layouts and Views and using Menus The session was indeed a motivation for the faculty members to use the software.

By learning practically they can contribute applications to the Android community, making it more possible for the world to experience their innovative ideas.

The session was informative and valuable. The trainer was well prepared and responded to questions in an informative and appropriate manner.

Two Days IEEE Workshop
Title: Design, Development and Deployment of Machine Vision Intelligence in IoT Edge
Date: 14th & 15th November 2018
Classes Attended & Number of students benefited:
Number of beneficiaries:In-house: 23 External: NIL
List of Resource Persons with details:
1. Dr. Jayankumar Singaram, Founder, RINANU Semiconductor LLP, Bengaluru
2. Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan Chief Executive Officer, Valles Marineris International Private Limited
The objective of the workshop was to explore the world of new opportunities of the Internet of Things and to manage them efficiently. The Faculty members were introduced to know a model tool set with the domain knowledge, train the tool set with experience in the algorithm level, test and deploy the future of business in IoT Edge. The workshop enabled them to create a model in Watson Studio in the IBM Cloud and also install Tensor Flow software in Ubuntu 64 bit machines.

Technical Sessions:
The resource person explained about the IEEE BLP and its contribution to the world of IoT in education sector, ADAS, home automation, primary health center, taxi service etc. He also dealt with the 6 ways of how Internet of Things dealt in education. The various other IoT applications and their design guide were also explored. Machine learning in the model and its possible use of Innovation at the IoT edge was also discussed.

IBM Watson IoT Platform:
Dr. Jayakumar S emphasized on Watson Studio as an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications. It is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud.
Watson Studio provides a suite of tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data. They can then use that data to build, train and deploy models at scale. These tools are preconfigured, so builders don't have to spend time installing, setting up and maintaining them. The built-in catalog function enables knowledge sharing and retention. Watson Studio can infuse AI into your business.

The faculty members were motivated to create an IBM cloud account, open IoT Device type, add IoT device and get the IoT device information. Different data sets were added and the model was trained for visual recognition to find the optimized image. Custom network designed with Kera version of TensorFlow:
Hands on Training in TIDL (TI Deep Learning) tool set were provided with methods and process to import Deep Learning model in Tensorflow (1.0). As a part of workflow, offline training of the model was also considered and the same was used in Ubuntu 14.04 OS based PC. Data for training was taken from Tensorflow Github.

Title: Research Discussion on IoT
Date: 11.05.18
Name and Details of the Resource Persons: Dr. Cecil Donald and Dr. Vinothina.V- Department of Computer Science (UG), Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous, Bangalore.
Objective: To impart knowledge on the emerging technology of IoT with live Demo.
The Resource person, Dr. Cecil Donald began the session with various emerged and emerging technologies in the current era. He discussed about the importance of IoT and the driving force behind IoT. He also spoke about different architecture of IoT, Applications of IoT, current Research challenges in IoT and IoT Technologies. The role of IoT in our daily life is depicted through video. Followed by, different components IoT System, What is IoT Platform, Best IoT Platforms, IoT IDE, different Developments board are discussed by Dr.Vinothina. She also addressed steps involved in programming IoT using Arduino IDE with few examples. Then live demo on controlling LED, controlling light from Wi-Fi network, controlling light from cloud and reading room temperature and moisture using DHT11 sensor were shown by resource persons. Finally, session concluded by explaining the summary of research issues and hints to be followed during research tenure.

Title: LaTeX – A Document Preparation System
Date: 25th April 2018
Classes Attended & Number of students benefited:
Number of beneficiaries: In-house: 32 External: NIL
List of Resource Persons with details: Dr. Emmanuel Jebarajan, Rtd. HoD Dept. Mathematics, The American College, Madurai, Tamilnadu
Objective: The objective of FDP on “LATEX – A Document Preparation System” was to enable the Faculty members to know some of the useful commands in LATEX and learn writing Scientific Documents and Thesis in LATEX. To provide hands on learning in the software.
Session I: Title: LaTeX – A Document Preparation System
Resource Person: Dr. Emmanuel Jebarajan
The resource person explained the basic commands in LATEX and how to prepare scientific documents. LATEX (pronounced lay-tek) is a Document Preparation System for producing professional-looking documents; it is not a word processor. It is particularly suited to producing long, structured documents, and is very good at type- setting equations. LATEX saves formatting time and effort. The software helps to concentrate on (writing) content and NOT on formatting (appearance). It is available as free software for most operating systems. The session was indeed a motivation for the faculty members to use the software.

Ms. Ann Mary Joyson and Ms. Mini G attended a 3 Day workshop titled "Science Academies Workshop on Essence of PDE " conducted by MES Degree College, Bangalore from 20-March-2018 to 22-March-2018.

Ms. Ann Mary Joyson and Ms. Shraddha R Bandekar attended a 1 Day workshop titled "Faculty Enrichment Program on Analysis and Multiple Integrals " conducted by Vijaya College, Bangalore on 27-March-2018.

Prof. Sevuga Pandian and Dr.Ranjitha M attended a 5 Day workshop titled "Oracle Professional Development" on Java Fundamentals and Java Programming conducted by Oracle Academic from 8-Jan-2018 to 12-Jan-2018.

Prof.S. Saravana Kumar attended a 5 Day workshop on "Palo Alto, Firewall, Installation, Configuration and Management" conducted by ICTACT from 8-Jan-2018 to 12-Jan-2018 at Alvas Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mangalore.

Dr.Vinothina and Ms.Manasa Manjunath attended a 5 Day workshop on Data Science and Dig Data Analytics" conducted by ICT Academy in association with DELL EMC from 30-Oct-2017 to 03-Nov-2017 at Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering"

Prof.Vani Chakraborty attended a FDP on “Cognitive Analytics- Future of Knowing” in association with IBM, AIMS institutes, Peenya, Bangalore on 17th February 2017.

Prof.Bino Joseph attended a two day FDP at Flim & TV Academy, L.V.Prasad, Chennai on 17th and 18th February 2017.

Prof. Ms.Ayshwarya and Dr.Anthony Vincent attended a FDP on “Data science and Big Data Analytic” at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore from 3/10/2016 to 7/10/2016.

Prof.Diana Susan attended 2 days Workshop on “IOS App Development” at, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 20/08/2016 & 21/08/2016

Prof.K.Kalaiselvi and Prof.B.Ayshwarya attended 2 days Workshop on “VMWARE Virtualization fundamentals” at Dayanand Sagar University on 18/08/2016 & 19/08/2016

Prof.Ayshwarya attended a FDP on “soft computing approaches for pattern recognition”at Reva University, Bangalore from 21/07/2016 to 23/07/2016

Prof.Mary Jacob and Prof.Vani Chakraborty attended a ten Day Training “Program on Big Data Analytics” sponsored by DST and organized by School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE), VIT University, Vellore Campus, TamilNadu from 20/06/2016 to 29/06/2016.

Dr.Anthony Vincent B of Computer Science Department completed an online course of study offered by EMC Education Services on “Data Lakes for Big Data” from 12.05.2015 to 12.06.2015.

Mr.Jeyasheelan and Dr.Gnanasankaran of Computer Science Department attended Training of Trainers on Life Skills at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore conducted by Centre for Life Skills Education & RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur from 23-06-2015 to 25-06- 2015.

All the faculty Members of Computer Science attended “Introduction to Moodle “conducted by Prof.Sevuga Pandian on 20.06.2015 in Computer Lab, Kristu Jayanti College. Ms.Dhanamalar, Ms.Ayshwarya and Ms.Kalaiselvi of Computer Science Department attended International Lecture series on “Quantitative analysis for scientific research” Kristu Jayanti College,Bangaloreon 9.07.2015

Mr.Jeo Joy attended “Data Center Dynamics Converged” Conference at Sheraton Hotel, Brigade Gateway, Bangalore on 13.07.2015.

Ms.Mary Jacob, Ms.Dhanamalar, Ms.Kalaiselvi K, Mr.Ramanathan G, Ms.Ayshwarya of Computer Science Department attended a Workshop on “Data mining techniques using rapid miner tool “at Kristu Jayanti College on 26.8.2015 & 27.8.2015.

Dr.GnanaSankaran of Computer Science Department attended 4th National Conference on Intellegent computing” K.S. Rangaswamy college of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Tiruchengode on 3.09.2015 &

Dr.Anthony Vincent and Mr.Rajesh.H of Computer Science Department attended two days NAAC sponsored national conference on “Quality initiatives & Bench marking in higher education institutions” on 3rd and 4th September 2015 at Surana College, Bangalore.

Vani Chakraborty, Anthony Vincent, Kalaiselvi K, Diana Susan D’Roza, Sandhya Soman and Anitha D’Souza of Computer Science Department attended the Training of Trainers on Life Skills at KristuJayanti College, Bangalore conducted by Centre for Life Skills Education & RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur from 17.06.2014 to 21.06.2014.

Aswin Herbert Sathish and Mary Jacob of Computer Science Department attended a training on Storage Area Network, CMRIT, Bangalore conducted by EMC2 from 21.07.2014 to 26.07.2014.

Ms.Suni Ajay Kumar and Ms. Liji George of Computer Science Department attended a National Level Workshop on “Statistical application of R Software” at Maharani’s Science college for women, Palace Road, Bangalore on 11.09.2014 & 12.09.2014.

Ms.VaniChakraborty of Computer Science Department attended One day International Conference “VIBHAVAT 2014”, RJS First Grade College, Koramangala on 15.10.2014. All faculty members of Computer Science Department attended an IQAC “Six Sigma Certification programme” at KristuJayanti College, Bangalore from 1.05.2014 to 3.05.2014.

Rajesh.H Computer Science Department attended a One Day Faculty Development Programme “Redefining the Role of Teacher-Tradition, Transformation, Innovation” at Sambharam, Academy of Management Studies on 19th feb 2014.

K.Arunadevi, Siji.T.Mathew, ShereshaChalasani of Computer Science Dept, attended a National Workshop on NPTEL, Indian Academy,Bangalore on 7th and 8th Nov, 2013.

Mary Jacob, Mary Ross and Siji T Mathew of Computer Science Dept attended a National Workshop on Network Virtualization, CMRIMS, Bangalore on 29th Oct 2013.

All faculty members of Computer Science Dept attended a FDP on Institutional Integration and Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness At KristuJayanti College Bangalore on 3rd and 4th June 2013.

All faculty members of Computer Science Dept attended a Training of Trainers on Life Skills at KristuJayanti College, Bangalore, conducted by Centre for Life Skills Education & RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur in two batches dated 5th to 9th June 2013 and 7th to 11th May 2013.

Ms. Liji George attended a Seminar on “Recent advances in theory and applications of Statistics” on 29-06-2011 and the workshop on ‘importance and use of official statistics’ on 30-06-2011organized by the department of statistics Bangalore University.

Mr. Pratap G and Ms.Neethu Sen attended a UGC sponsored State level seminar on “Mobile computing-trends and Future challenges” on 1st and 2nd September 2010.

Mr.Akilan.S, Ms. B.Aishwarya and Ms. Dhanamalar attended a One day State level workshop (Microsoft) at St. Claret College, Computer Science Department on 22nd September.

Ms. Suni Ajaykumar and Ms. Liji George attended a Workshop on “Statistical Inference” organized by the department of Statistics Bangalore University on 25th & 26th October 2010

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