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ACM’s Student chapter serve as an activity hub for ACM members and the computing community at large. It provides seminars, lectures, learning forums and networking opportunities with peers and experts across the computing spectrum. The Chapter aims exclusively for the educational and scientific purposes to promote the following”

  • An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the contributions of women in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management, and applications of modern computing.
  • Increased recruitment and retention of women in computing throughout the pipeline including activities for girls in K-12, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals.
  • Create Greater interest in computing and its applications.
  • ACM Distinguished Speakers Program – The ACM Distinguished Speaker Program is one of the premier technology outreach programs in the computing industry.
  • ACM Student Chapter Scholarship Award - Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the Honorary Computer Science Society, and ACM encourage academic excellence for students in the computing discipline. UPE initiated this award with ACM to raise the importance of academic achievement and professional commitment in our future computer professionals. Up to two awards of $1,000 each are given from UPE each year to competition winners. Winners also receive a certificate of commendation.

Title: Women Who Code
Date: 03-03-2021
Time: 10.00 AM -1.00 PM
Number of beneficiaries: 12 Teams of 2 each (24 participants) from 8 colleges.
Chief Guest: Ms. Binu Midhun, Data scientist and developer Advocate, IBM hybrid cloud build team, Bangalore.

The inaugural session was handled by the chief guest Ms.Binu Midhun, Data scientist and developer Advocate, IBM hybrid cloud build team, Bangalore. The chief guest gave an overview of auto AI and also shared knowledge of building and deploying machine learning model using Watson. The coding and debugging event had two rounds; first round was a screening round. Around 12 teams from 10 different colleges enthusiastically participated in the event. The first round was an aptitude test; conducted virtually which had questions from C programming language, to screen the teams for coding event. After first round 8 teams were shortlisted based on average marks of both participants in the team. A briefing about the platform, Hackerearth was given to the participants to familiarize with the environment in which they would be carrying out coding and debugging. HackerEarth is an online proctored platform which was used to conduct the event in efficient manner, if the participants switch tabs more than thrice the session would be automatically terminated. Two teams were finalized after second round based on the average performance of the team.

Date: 27-11-2020
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: I BCA and B.Sc. [only registered students] -85 Students
Name and details of the Resource Person: Mr. Ibrahim Khan Alumni, Kristu Jayanti College Free lancer
Objective: To guide students in creating and hosting effective web pages and also securing knowledge on basics of HTML and CSS.

The session was started by a welcome speech given by Ms. Harshitha D R to welcome Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Prof. A Sevuga Pandian, Dr. Ranjitha M, Prof. Devakumari, Resource person and all the participants gathered in the session. Ms. Anushree Baburaj, III B.Sc started the session with “Introduction to HTML”. She discussed HTML tags and attributes used to design HTM documents.

Later the session was handled by Ms. Harshitha D R, V BCA, with “Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)”. She discussed the basic concepts of CSS. Finally, the session was handed to Mr. Ibrahim Khan, He started the session with the Introduction to Web Hosting using Bootstrap. He gave brief knowledge about web hosting using bootstrap. He gave in-depth concepts about how to create a web page, getting a domain name, hosting it and making the web page live both for desktop as well as mobile devices. It was a practical session; participants could create a web page using HTML tags, design it using CSS and finally learnt to host using bootstrap. The Q & A session gave the participants the opportunity to find out more about the session. The participants were allowed to ask questions to ask questions and to clear their doubts and misconceptions. Overall, the Q&A session was very engaging.

Tech conclave organized by ACM-W
Date: 29-09-2020
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: III B.Sc. and ACM Members -116 Students
Name and details of the Resource Person: Dr. Syed Mustafa Professor and Head, Dept. of Information Science and Engineering, HKBK College of Engineering
Objective: To enable students build technical skills in Python Programming.

The Department of Computer Science in association with ACM-W Student Chapter organized a virtual webinar on “Introduction to Advanced Features of Python and its Application” for III Sem. B.Sc. students and ACM-W members. The Speaker of the Session Dr. Syed Mustafa started the session with “Introduction to Python”. He discussed the basic concepts used in the technology relating with the best suitable real life examples which are essential for the understanding of the technology. Professor also discussed about analyzing structured and unstructured data using different tools and techniques, developing an understanding of different types of loops, basic arithmetic operations, arrays, list methods and functions, strings, and many more. The resource person projected a clear understanding of the importance of functions, dictionaries and future problems in the real world. He inspired the audience by his lively interaction on topics such as new trends in applying Python-code, approaches for tuples and list arguments, inbuilt functions, and Features of Python.

Date: 22.06.2020 to 25.06.2020
ACM-W Student chapter, Department of Computer Science (UG), organized an online webinar series exclusively for girls. Dr.Meenakshi, Associate Professor and NPTEL instructor, IIIT Bangalore explained on the testing aspects, testing methodologies and testing of web applications. She demonstrated on various examples on client side constraint rule, security violation rules, test value selection and various available tools for testing web applications. Dr.Ebin Deni Raj, Academics in charge, Data Science Group, IIIT Kottayam focused on What, When, Why, Who, Where( 5 W’s) of data science. He pointed out the Gartner hype cycle, top women coders, data science pipeline, Drew Conway’s Venn diagram on data science and 5 P’s of data science. The participants were highlighted on the various funding projects undertaken and how they can contribute to the nation through various projects.

Date: 03.08.2019
Number of Beneficiaries: 26 ACM Members
Trainers: Ms.Sherley Gracia- V SEM BCA C
: Ms. Karunya V SEM B.Sc CSMS
: Mr. Ibrahim V SEM B.Sc CSMS
Objective: The goal of the Workshop was to introduce the participants to the need of web development in HTML, CSS and Web Hosting.

ACM-W Student chapter, Department of Computer Science (UG), organized a workshop on HTML and CSS, “PARIKALPANA-2” on 3rd July 2019 exclusively for ACM members.

The workshop was conducted by the student coordinators of ACM Women’s student Chapter and an HTML expert, Mr.Ibrahim from this field. In this workshop students were imparted with the knowledge of working with HTML, CSS and Hosting web page. Trainers also elaborated on the basic features of CSS User Interface , CSS Background, fonts and Border Levels that gives a dynamic aspect to the Web Pages. At the end of the session, Quiz was also conducted to test the understanding of students.

Date: 17th August, 2019
Resource Person: Ms. ADITI TIWARI, Data Scientist, Wizely
Objective: To Provide hands on experience in Machine Learning for the women students.

The workshop series on Machine learning was taken by Ms.AditiTiwari, Data Scientist, Wizely who is a member of ACM, Bangalore chapter. The main objective of this session is to provide a learning experience to the women students to apply artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. The overview about Machine learning and the basics of statistics and probabilities, random variable were the topic of discussions for the session.
Outcome: To relate statistical concepts into Machine Learning and to develop computer programs that can access and use data by themselves.

ACM-W Student chapter, Department of Computer Science(UG), organized a one day workshop on Photoshop, “PIXEL-Digitally Creative” on 22 November 2017. The Event was inaugurated by Fr.Lijo P Thomas, Financial Administrator and HOD, Department of Computer Science(UG) along with Prof.Sevuga Pandian, Staff Coordinator and Dr.Ranjitha M, Faculty Sponsor, ACM-W Student Chapter.

Fr.Lijo P Thomas addressed the students and congratulated the ACM members for organizing this workshop. The Resource Persons for the day were Mr.Ajith, Mr.Thomas from IV Semester BCA and Mr.Jonah Filmore, Mr.Jacob David from VI Semester BCA.

The Workshop was divided into two sessions. The morning session was handled by Mr.Ajith and Mr.Thomas where they covered the basics of Photoshop like creating the form, changing the background colour of the form, to create layers, free transform forms, to open an image as background etc. Afternoon session was handled by Mr.Jonah and Mr.David where they concentrated on how to design brochures/Posters with various tools. The Participants created a Christmas brochure and also a Certificate using the various tools. There were 23 participants from various semesters of the department.

Instauration was an exhibition of handcrafted iconic dolls where the dolls symbolises the social issues in the world especially in India with the tagline “LETS LOOK AROUND”. The exhibition was inaugurated by Rev Fr.Josekutty PD Principal, Fr.Augustine George Vice Principal, Fr.Lijo P Thomas Financial Administrator and HOD Computer Science Department, along with Sr.Francoise Bosteels, Chief Guest of the Day. Prof.Sevuga Pandian, Staff Coordinator Computer Science(UG), Dr.Ranjitha, Faculty Sponsor of ACM-W, Dr.Vinothina ACM Member was also present along with Faculty and students of Computer Science Department.

Department of Computer Science in association with ACM-W of Kristu Jayanti College organised the exhibition on December 5, 2017 in Mini Audi 1 from 10:00am-4:00pm. The main intention/aim of this exhibition was to create awareness about the social issues in India and enlighten people with some knowledge about these issues. Students and faculties from various departments visited the exhibition. The dolls were related to issues like Child marriage, Child Labour, child abuse, Drug addiction, Corruption, alcoholism, female abuse, relationship between a teacher and a student, Unemployment, Deforestation etc. There were about 32 dolls in the exhibition. The students of ACM-W chapter explained to the audience the meaning and story behind each doll. The poems and stories related to each doll were hanged up in the bulletin boards. Sr.Francoise also explained the people of her experience in India, How she started making these dolls, what were the materials used to make them etc.

Exhibition was a major eye opener among students because these dolls actually depicted the everyday life in all its glory and simplicity.

ACM-W Student Chapter, Department of Computer Science (UG), Kristu Jayanti College joined the global movement of Computer Science Education Week by hosting an 'Hour of Code' on December 9th 2017 at our campus. Computer Science Education Week is held annually in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906).

The Program started with one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and broaden participation in the field of computer science.

The session was initiated by Mr.Shriharsha, Web Developer at Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd. He interacted with the students and demonstrated a Session on “Introduction to Python”. This was followed by the Hour of Code Activity where student developed a project on “Flappy Bike”. Students were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the session. At the end of the activity, students were awarded with an Hour of code certificate to encourage their learning. The students volunteers of ACM-W guided the participants with lot of passion.

ACM-W Student’s chapter in association with ICT academy organized the POWER SEMINAR with the title Digital Natives-The Millennial Generation.
It was a half- day seminar, featuring highly technical issues and the fundamentals of a specific application in the contemporary technological evolution.

Ms. Bhanu Das Gupta, Country Head, Oracle Academy spoke about how the Millennial Generation is not isolated and connected. The title of her talk was “What you are not, what you are and what you can be” and she briefed about the generations in workplace and will enlighten the students on the 21st century technological challenges and how they can strengthen their skills to be part of it.

Mr. Prakash, Sr.Advisor, DELL-EMC discussed about the gap between Analog and Digital world. He also briefed about technologies like Cyber security, Analytics, IOT and AI.

The seminar was indeed a motivation for the young audience about the Millennial Generation and how they can transform their ideas to enrich and strengthen the society.

PRASNOPARI - Beyond the Query Series 1. An interactive session with Prof. K. Shiva Prasad, Director, Bengaluru Law College, Bengaluru on 24th September 2021 at 2.30 PM through Zoom. | Kristu Jayanti College of Law is organising Nyaya Samvada as part Fit India Movement. Dr. Lovely Dasgupta, Associate Professor of Law & Policy, The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences is the keynote speaker, will deliberate on the topic " Sports Law in India-A Law Making" and Guest of Honour Dr. Khalid Khan, Director of Physical Education, Karnataka State Law University, Hubbali on 25th of September 2021 at 10.15 AM through Zoom. | B.A., LL.B. & B.B.A., LL.B. Programmes: Next Counselling will be held shortly. Selected candidates will be intimated via email Apply Online |
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