Theatre Production

Echoes of Destiny: Medusa’s Final Curtain
Date: 05 April 2024
The second-year MA English students conceptualised, scripted, enacted, and staged a theatre performance titled “Echoes of Destiny: Mesdusa's Final Curtain" on 5th April 2024 from 03:30 pm to 04:30 pm at SKE Auditorium. The Chief Guest for the program was Fr. Emmanuel P. J. Director, Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Director, Office of International and Domestic Relations, Jayantian Alumni Association & Faculty, Department of Psychology and Fr. Jais V Thomas, Financial Administrator, Director, Jayantian Extension Services & Faculty Member, Commerce and Management. The Play was an exploration of narrative and tragedy. It delves into the beauty of sorrow, the power of perspective, and the chance to rewrite a distorted truth. Myths and legends are often embellished over time. History is often written by the victors. "Echoes of Destiny" offers a chance to revisit the truth. By presenting Medusa's side, the story allows us to re-evaluate what we thought we knew. This can lead to a more complete and balanced understanding of the events. Medusa's story being retold gives voice to the silenced. We get to see the events that unfolded from her vantage point, questioning the established narrative. This challenges our assumptions and allows for a more nuanced understanding of the conflict. Tragedy isn't just about sadness. It's about the complexities of fate, the weight of choices, and the resilience of the human spirit. By focusing on Medusa, a traditionally villainous figure, the story allows us to see the tragedy of her circumstances. We might even find ourselves empathizing with her plight, appreciating the sorrowful beauty of her downfall. Through "Echoes of Destiny: Mesdusa's Final Curtain" We give you a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

Annual Theatre Production
The department of English presented ' XII : The Tale of Redemption', a twelve-act creative play as a part of its annual theater production 2024. As the day commenced, the diligent efforts of the production team and cast ensured a seamless execution, setting the stage for an immersive theatrical experience. The production attracted a diverse audience comprising students from the college of law, UG, PG and faculty members. Notably, several esteemed guests, including the alumni graced the occasion, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the production. The Jubilee Auditorium hosted a total of two shows over the course of the day at both 11.50 am and at 3.30 pm, allowing ample opportunity for its attendees.

Directed and written by the students of Kristu Jayanti College, the play delved into themes of forgiveness, resilience, and the human capacity for change. The play artfully crafted and blended the theatrical charm with contemporary sensibilities, transporting viewers to an enchanted kingdom where love, mischief, and malice abound. Audiences were enthralled by the captivating performances, intricate set designs, and the seamless integration of sound and lighting. Ultimately, 'The Tale of Redemption' was a resounding success, showcasing the talent and creativity of the department of English.

Shakespearean Theatre Production: The Winter’s Tale

The Department of English staged the production of William Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale at SKE Auditorium on the 18th of April, 2023. The play entranced the spectators while they sat spellbound for almost two hours.

Shakespeare wrote a romantic play called The Winter's Tale in his later years. The play, which made its stage debut in 1611 but was first published in the First Folio in 1623, follows a man's careless jealousy as it decimates his family and conscience. Shakespeare's play The Winter's Tale, which combines aspects of comedy and tragedy, is occasionally seen as one of his complex works. Despite not being one of his best-known plays, the play is nevertheless performed all over the world. One of the most well-known and gifted playwrights and poets in the English language, William Shakespeare's works continue to be studied and performed to this day. Leontes is the main character of The Winter's Tale. The Bohemian King, Polixenes, had a childhood friend named Leontes, the king of Sicily. The queen of Sicily, Hermione, is wed to Leontes. He is naturally protective and envious, and he finds it difficult to let go of the people who are important to him.

Though it was the debut of most of the 28 actors, they left an indelible mark in the audience's minds. The actors captured the audience appealing to their emotions. The auditorium, packed with students and faculty members, echoed with applause and cheers as the scenes progressed with heightened tension, unexpected twists, and suspense. Two separate plays that are only connected in the end make up The Winter's Tale. Shakespeare's play is divided into two halves: the first three acts take place in wintertime Sicily and depict a mini-tragedy; the second half is set in summertime Bohemia and includes a happy conclusion typical of his "comedies." The play's genre-hopping makes it one of Shakespeare's "problem plays" (together with Pericles, Cymbeline, and The Tempest). Shakespeare's works are sometimes categorised under "romances," a term explained in greater detail under the heading "Genre."

The Winter's Tale is notable not only for its unconventional structure and Shakespeare's experiments in the genre but also for its blatant disregard of the "classical unities" (of time, place, and action), literary rules that state all plays should have the following characteristics: 1) the action should take place within 24 hours; 2) the action should take place in one geographical place/setting; and 3) the play should have one main plot and no sub-plots. For the most part, Shakespeare's plays do not bother with "classical unities." However, in Act 4 of The Winter's Tale, Time appears onstage to announce that Shakespeare has skipped by sixteen years and moved the action from Sicily to Bohemia.

Overall, the play showcased professionalism in the casting of the characters, costumes, props, stage lighting and background music. It represented the creative energy of the artists who worked single-mindedly towards this goal. The uniqueness of this theatre production is that the artists directly involved in the play and the spectators who watched it were equally enthralled and overwhelmed.

Rhythm of War
Date: 09 March 2023
The second-year MA English students conceptualize, scripted, enacted, and staged a theatre performance titled Rhythm of War on 9th March 2023, at M3 Auditorium, Main Block. The Chief Guest for the program was Fr. Deepu Joy, Director, of the Students Welfare Office and Faculty Member, of the Department of Life Science. Fr. Jais V Thomas, Financial Administrator and Faculty Member, Commerce, and Management also graced the occasion. The play focused on the themes of morality in war. It sketched the justifications for the good and evil of war put forward by the Greek Goddesses- Athena (Goddess of War) and Irene (Goddess of Peace). The play showcased the destruction and havoc war levies in the life of the common man. Through the storyline, the notion of war being a medium of social change was also brought out effectively. It also resonated with the idea of strength in unity. The play ended leaving the audience to ponder over the question of whether the war was good or bad. The event concluded with the Chief Guest of the day, Fr. Deepu Joy, appreciating the cast and crew for staging the play. He commended them on their thought-provoking performance.

Experiential Learning A Theatrical Production on Silence! The Court is in Session

Experiential learning as part of teaching pedagogy, theatrical production was organised to develop students’ theatrical skills. Since the play ‘Silence! The Court is in Session’ was part of their curriculum (Indian Writing in Translation), Students of second year BA PSEN and PYEN wanted to enact the same on the stage under the guidance of Dr Masilamani C. It was directed by Sarayu from PYEN.

The play was performed by the cast of 12 members. The whole play took place in MOOT COURT of Law College. This play presents a metaphorical trail between the humanities and the anti-humanists. The play is in reality a mock trail of simple and straightforward school teacher Miss Leena Benare. She is cross examined in the court with full mockery. She is charged with infanticide and having illicit relations with a married professor Damle and in this way her private life is exposed. All the other characters witnesses like Mr.Ponkshe. Mr. Karnik, Smant, counsel for the Defence and Counsel for the crown Mr. Sukhatme and Judge, Mr. Kashikar and his wife Mrs. Kashikar all behave in a way of mockery.

Above all, it was overall a great show and was enjoyed throughout by the audience and the cast. The cast made best use of the resources available and the teachers of the department commended highly about the performance of the students and finally it turned out to be the greatest show.

“Tatvamasi: Theatre Production”

On November 30th, 2021, the Department of English (PG) held ‘Sangam’ as part of the Theatre production in Saint Kuriakose Elias Auditorium. The event was graced by Dr. Pavithra faculty a multi-faceted, talented personality in the sphere of theatre along with the coordinator of the department Fr.Joshy Mathew and other professors of the department.

The III MA students of English department put up a play on the topic ‘Stereo typicality’ with the theme “breaking boundaries in the quest for self”, one of the major contemporary issues aiming to create awareness and bring out a positive influence amidst the students and enable students to be change makers in the society.

Dr.Pavitra appreciated the role of the college and the department for providing an appropriate forum for students to do activities that were beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The faculty coordinator for the event Prof. I. Stephen commented that ‘it was a kind of lived experience that was something common to all and portrayed efficaciously.’

Ms. Andriya Vilayil Biju a first year student opined that ‘the theatrical performance was insightful and informative and was much appreciated by the post graduate and under graduate students as well.’

Sangam: A Salutation to the Rivers of India

The Department of English (PG) organised a theatre performance titled Sangam: A Salutation to the Rivers of India on 9th of October 2019, highlighting the deteriorating condition of the major rivers in India. The objective of the theatrical performance was to spread awareness about the dying rivers and to come up with a resolution to save the water bodies. The programme was honoured by the presence of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J., Director of Kristu Jayanti College of Law and several faculty members from other departments of the Kristu Jayanti College.

The theatrical performance included a drama along with five dance sequences. The characters acted as the rivers and showed how rivers were venerated earlier and the current state of the rivers, particularly river Kaveri, Ganga and Brahmaputra. The dance drama was performed by the first year as well as the final year students of English Department (PG) which was supervised by Mr. Jeremy Solomon, Theatre Artist and alumni of Kristu Jayanti College. There were a number of props made by the students with recyclable materials. The dance drama ended with a pledge to save rivers and other water bodies.

Positive and heart touching feedback was received from the dignitaries and other members of the audience. A few selected quotes:
“All the performers were so involved in their characters, that it made us feel regretful and guilty thinking of the conditions of the rivers in India.” ~ Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J., Director, Kristu Jayanti College of Law

“The dance drama was very informative and I really feel that protecting nature should be one of our main concerns. It was a really great initiative taken by the English Department to raise this issue. Great work!” ~ Sristy Chhetri, MCJ Student

This was the first edition of theatrical performance presented by the Department of English (PG) which created a huge impact on the audience. The performance set a benchmark for the other students as it excelled in all the areas of fine arts. It also gave out a social message to the audience to retrospect on the exploitation which destroyed the sacred rivers of India. The spirited participation of the performers helped them to bring their skills to the forefront.

Seba Saji, a first year student of MA English Department, shared her experience as a performer, “It was a thought provoking programme. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of each of the members of the department. A well presented art of emotions. I was happy to be a part of it.”

The theatre production organised by the Department of English (PG) had more than 100 spectators from different departments who enjoyed and enthusiastically appreciated the performance.

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