Digital Poster Competition
Date: 19 January 2024
The Republic Day of India is observed on 26th January of every year. The day provides an opportunity for the citizens to rekindle their patriotic feeling towards their motherland. It helps delve into the glorious past of India and pay tribute to the nation builders of yesteryear. Krysolite, the Literary Association of the Department of English conducted a Digital Poster Competition for the students of 1st MA English under the guidance of Dr Lyola Thomas on 19th January, 2024. The topic given to the students was India of My Dreams. The students needed to make Digital Posters based on the given topic. The students worked in pairs or individually to submit their Digital Posters. A drive link was shared for the students to submit their entries. Twenty five entries were made in the competition.

The competition was judged by Dr. Sangeetha, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies. The winners of the digital poster competition were judged based on the content, creativity and design. There was a tie for the second prize.

The winners were:
I st Prize : 23MENG15 & 23MENG23 ( Anna Mariya and Elsa Mariam Abraham)
IInd Prize : 23MENG34 & 23MENG56 (Nivedita and Simna)
IInd Prize : 23MENG30 (Midhuna Mary Binu)
The activity focused more on the aesthetic and creative ability of the students. The competition also provided a platform for the students to use digital tools in designing.

Exploring Passion
Date: 09 February 2023
A session was conducted to engage with literature in context with the emotional dimension. “Exploring Passion” a perspective enhancement programme was organised by the English Literary Association “Krysolite”, Department of English, Kristu Jayanti College, and conducted on 9th February 2023 for I & II M.A. under the guidance of Dr Giftsy Dorcas and Dr. Arsha Subbi. The theme was ‘Exploring Passion’ – the way of approaching literature via emotion. The students had to follow the colour red as the dress code in accordance with the theme. Various interactive games were held by the students to engage with the same. The first game was finding a ‘quotable expression for the conversational approach’ and the participants were given two minutes to select their quote of choice and share it. The second game followed a similar pattern as the first game where students shared their subjective favourite lines from any literary work that moved them. This activity encouraged the students to explore and discover the various forms of expressions and perspectives towards passion. The initial games were concluded with students receiving prizes for the top favourite entries. The third and fourth games were classic games that were conducted in batches and urged the students to relive their childhood experiences. The programme concluded with the final game being passing the parcel which contributed to the physical and coordination skills and increased the collective spirits of the students.

Overall it was an exciting and interactive event for the students and teachers and allowed them to rekindle their passion through a creative platform.

Optimistique Creativity Enhancement Program
Date: 02 February 2023
“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” - Mary Lou Cook. On the 2nd of February 2023, the Department of English organized the first literary association program of the year for the students of the Department of English by the students of I MA English. The event encompassed all of the students present there and was highly fascinating and enjoyable. First-year PG students of MA English literature along with the faculty member of the Department of English attended the program.

To make the session more interactive the coordinators conducted book asks and quick scribbling which involved all the students who were present. The audience was asked to write quotes using literary devices such as personification, in response to the visuals that were displayed, and a random member of the audience was picked to ask questions about books. The men of 1MA English performed a skit as well. Chocolates were given out to everyone who took part in the act. Optimism is the skit's main subject. Optimistic people are better at sticking with their plans, are more successful at doing so, are happier with their lives, and lead healthier lifestyles

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