Erudite Club

Erudite Club is the literary and cultural club of the Department of English. The club was constituted with the following objectives:

  • to develop and sharpen the literary skills of the students
  • to provide a platform for their creative expressions
  • to link classroom learning with the cultures across the globe
  • to promote interactive learning through cultural exchanges

The main activities of the club are:

Delphia is an intra-collegiate literary fest. The main objective of the fest is to create an interest in global literature and culture. It instils in the students a sense of universal brotherhood as different literatures are explored in the diverse events conducted in the fest. The cynosure of the fest is ‘Live Exhibition’. As is evident from the name, the live exhibition attempts to bring alive the characters from the world of literatures, in front of the audience. The enactment of various scenes from renowned literary works leave an indelible mark on the minds of the participant-students as well as the audience. The live exhibition transports the audience to the world of fantasy through the spectacular setting and the apt enactment. The live tour led by the narrators provides a visual treat along with emotional engagement.

The fest also provides an opportunity for students to develop their literary skills through creative writing and slam poetry. Creative writing improves their writing skills by systematically organising imaginative ideas and critical thinking. Slam poetry is a platform to recite their own poems in front of an audience and this in turn helps them to develop their communication skills overcoming their inhibitions and stage freight.

A few other attractions of the fest are ‘Treasure Hunt’ that challenges them to unravel the mysterious puzzles and riddles; ‘Cosplay’ which initiates them to solo performance in the costume of a character; Poster Making that gives visual expression to a literary theme; Personality Contest that challenges the participants to present themselves in the most appropriate use of words and sentences; JAM which refines the listening skills and articulation of ideas; and ‘Narrative Wars’ that enhances creative thinking, articulation and presentation. Delphia is open to improvisation with innovative items that uphold the objectives of the erudite club.

Expressions is the literary magazine of the department. It encourages and publishes the creative expressions of the budding artists of Kristu Jayanti College. The essays, short stories, poems, collages, cartoons and such creative endeavours published in Expressions exhibit the outstanding talents of the young minds.

Society of Poets
The main objective of this society is to identify the potential poets and to promote their artistic talents. It is a forum for the likeminded poets to come together and to exchange their ideas and to support one another. It helps them to express their creative ideas through the medium of the spoken words of poetry.

Theatre performance
Theatre performance offers an arena for promising actors to polish their skills. The club stages Shakespearian plays annually as a tribute to the Bard and to initiate the students to the same field. Rigorous training and rehearsals prior to the staging inculcates discipline and enhances interpersonal skills of the students. In the whole process the students become more confident, able to take risks and to be focused. It is also a hands-on-training to improve their accent and diction.

Delphia 2022
The Department of English (UG) in association with Erudite Club organized Delphia 2022, the Intra-Department Fest with the theme ‘La Lumiere’ on March 25, 2022.

The Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, Fr. Dr. Augustine George, inaugurated the fest. In his inaugural address, Fr. Dr. Augustine George congratulated the Department and the students for organising the fest. He lauded the involvement of students and faculty and deemed the fest as the conversion of knowledge to creativity, focusing on the need, approach and urge.

The inauguration was followed by the first show of Live Exhibition, which unfurled the enticing performance of students based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The fest enthralled the beneficiaries through a multitude of competitions, namely: Slam Poetry, Objection My Lord, Creative Writing, Photography, Off the Cuffs (Personality), JAM, LO! Quizerables (Quiz), Dazibao (Poster Making), CosPlay, Treasure Hunt.

The winners were awarded certificates of appreciation at the valedictory function. The Chief Guest of the valedictory function was Rev. Fr. Joshy Mathew, Programme Coordinator, Department of English (PG). He congratulated the participants and detailed how extracurricular activities could, in turn, unleash creativity and shape the students’ academic pursuits. Ms. Nicole Mary Varghese of IV JPEng B was adjudged the ‘Star of Delphia 2022’.

Turn a Leaf 2.0
The Department of English along with the Erudite Club organised the second lecture in the Turn a Leaf series which was held on the topic titled Green Literature: Concepts and Trends. The expert resource speaker provided a general introduction to Green Literature and its various sub-genres in poetry, nonfiction and fiction. She highlighted poems by Margaret Atwood who focuses on ecofeminism in many of her works. Dr. Sumathi also introduced several aspects of climate fiction, an emerging genre to the audience. With carefully selected examples like the Blue Trilogy by Maude Barlow and, the resource person was able to explain the significance and urgency of having a conversation around ecology and literature.

Poetry for Peace – Blackout Poetry Event on International Day of Tolerance
The Department of English (UG) in collaboration with Erudite Club conducted an online poetry event to observe the International Day of Tolerance on 16th November 2021. The event titled 'Poetry for Peace' was held online and invited students from the BA deanery of Kristu Jayanti College to send in blackout poetry on the theme of tolerance. The submitted entries were collected via an online Google form and moderated by the Erudite Club student coordinators. The selected entries were published on social media portals of the college to highlight the importance of art in conveying messages of hope and change through the creative expressions of young minds.

Hamlet The Theatre Production
The Erudite Club, Department of English, staged Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy, Hamlet at SKE Auditorium on the 5th February 2020. The play entranced the spectators while they sat spell bound for almost two hours.

Hamlet is the longest play of Shakespeare and the most difficult one to enact, yet through the relentless and collective efforts of the faculty members and students the play proved to be a huge success. Right from the apparition of the ghost of Hamlet Senior in Act I Scene I until the dual and the ensuing deaths in Act V Scene II the artists mesmerized the audience. Though it was the debut of most of the 32 actors they were able to leave an indelible mark in the minds of the audience. The actors captured the audience appealing to their emotions. The auditorium, packed with students and members of faculty echoed with applause and cheers as the scenes progressed with heightened tension, unexpected twists and suspense. They enthusiastically welcomed the poetic justice of the guilty being punished at the climax. The death of the main characters in the final scene backfiring the plotting of the evil ones was greatly applauded. They had to suspend their disbelief as this scene appeared more realistic than theatrical by precision in design and ingenious acting. This theatrical experience will be remembered as Prince Hamlet along with Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Ophelia, Laertes, Horatio and others continue to live in the minds of the spectators with a strong surge of emotions. Even after Hamlet lay dead in Horatio’s arms and the curtains were dropped, the spectators remained captivated by the magic spell of the Shakespearean castle of Denmark.

Delphia 2019– the Literary Fest
The Annual Literary fest intra-collegiate fest of Kristu Jayanti College ‘Delphia’ was organized the Department of English (UG) in collaboration with Erudite Club on 23 August 2019. Rev. Dr Augustine George, Vice Principal of Kristu Jayanti College inaugurated the fest and live exhibition. The theme of the fest was “Worlds, Words, and Wonders.”

Rev. Dr. Augustine George spoke about the importance of literature in life. "Literature stirs emotionally but at the same time, it deepens the understanding of the society. Literature has the power to transient your life," he said. The highlight of the fest was the live exhibition which portrayed various cultures across the globe through folk tales of different countries.

It depicted scenes of Native Americans in the saga of “great elk”, the funny antics of “Don Quixote” from the Spanish novel “Miguel De Cervantes”, adventures of Aladdin, the love tale of Japanese prince Genji and search of identity from Girish Karnad’s “Hayavadana.” This wonderful tour of cultures, story tales came to the end when visitors were showcased the fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures in a scene from the novel “Alice in the Wonderland”. This fest had a wide array of events ranging from slam poetry, personality contest, poster making, treasure hunt, mad ads and treasure hunts.

Shakespearean Play: Julius Caesar 2019
The Erudite Club of Department of English PG of Kristu Jayanti College staged the play ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare on 28 February 2019. The theme of the play consisted of honour, logic, language, public versus private persona, politics, morality and fate which lead the audience to experience the political turmoil of the historic play through a contemporary lens and an emotional ride throughout the play. The one hour 40 minutes of play took the audience to the ancient Roman Empire and showed them the tragic events that happened after the murder of Julius Caesar

It is a tragic drama who revolves around sacrifice, treachery, superstition, love and generosity of Julius Caesar. The play urges society to examine the government and the governance, its role as citizens and how it impacts the world around us. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal of Kristu Jayanti College appreciate the hard work and commitment of the students to bring up the play in a short time. “Julius Caesar is a difficult drama to stage due to the long dialogues. But you have performed with your soul, heart and mind and captured the attention of the audience from the very beginning. The vigour, the confidence in acting and performing the role were outstanding,” said Fr. Josekutty P.D. The day also witnesses the launch of the Department magazine ‘Expression’.

Delphia 2018: The Gothic Chronicles
The Erudite Club of Kristu Jayanti College organized Delphia 2018, the Intra Collegiate Fest portraying The Gothic Chronicles on 28 November 2018. The fest aimed to proffer a fortuity for the students to cognize the Gothic Literature and its transcendental realm. The Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, Rev. Fr. Josekutty P. D inaugurated the fest. The inaugural session was presided over by Dr Thomas Palayoor, Head of the Department of English (UG). In his inaugural speech Rev. Fr. Josekutty P. D exhorted the students to imbibe the eternal values from the literature. It was followed by the promotion of the fest highlighting the different aspects of gothic narration in the quadrangle. Live Exhibition which unfurled the different layers of the gothic territory of literature was the cynosure of the fest. The exhibition was a museum of learning which gave tribute to the classics in Gothic literature. King Vikram with Betal on his back acted as the tour guides for the exhibition. Edgar Allan Poe reciting the death of his lover ‘Anabelle Lee’, A scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hansel, and Gretel with the creepy child consuming witch, and the birth of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly were recreated in the exhibition.

The live exhibition tour ended with Count Dracula and his humorous side. Students traversed into the gothic enclave through its unparalleled magical and mystical representation. Various competitions like - As You Like It, Creative Writing, Slam Poetry, JAM, Literary quiz, and Narrative Wars- were also organized as a part of the fest. The competitors excelled in each genre through their mesmerizing performance. The winners were given away the prizes at the valedictory function.

Delphia 2017
Date: August 22, 2017
The Department of English, Kristu Jayanti College, hosted an intra-collegiate fest, Delphia 2017, with the theme Literature and Myth, on August 22, 2017. This fest serves as a platform for the students to express their creativity, thought and vision in an artistic manner. Principal Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D. inaugurated the fest and spoke to the audience about the significance of myth in literature and life. The inaugural meeting was graced by the presence of Dr. Gopakumar, Dean, School of Humanities, Dr. Thomas P, Coordinator, Department of English (U.G.), and Dr. Krishnaprabha, Coordinator, Department of English (P.G.). The live exhibition was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Principal who praised the students enthusiastically. The exhibition showcased the mythical traditions of Greek, Indian, Norse and Egyptian cultures and attracted a large number of audiences and won their appreciation.

Delphia 2016
Date: 20/08/2016
The fourth annual literary fest, Delphia, was organized by the Department of English on August 20, 2016. The theme being “Celebration of Global Literature”, emphasis was given to the authors and playwrights of the 14th and 16th century.

As it was also the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare, the students enacted a well-known play by Shakespeare, “As You Like It”, which also turned out to be the highlight of the day. As a part of this fest, the department organized a Live Exhibition with scenes from World Literature, bringing forth the feel and essence of art and theatre.

“English is not only a language but also a path to the culture,” said Fr Augustine George, Vice Principal. He enumerated to the students on how the English language conveys profundity of thoughts and richness of emotions.

Students performed enthusiastically in various events and bagged positions in the literary quiz and the masquerade. “It was an enriching experience to be a part of Delphia for the first time,” quoted Merlyn Thomas.

Delphia 2015
Date: 20/08/2015
Kristu Jayanti College celebrated the third English Day, “Delphia 2015 – A Literary Savoury” on August 20, 2015. Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D., Principal, in his inaugural address, emphasized that four characteristics, namely imagination, observation, meaningfulness and inquisitive mentality, were present in all the work of arts that have amazed the world.

“A Walk to Remember” showcased scenes from five famous plays; “Macbeth”, “Oliver Twist”, “Pygmalion”, “Naga Mandala” and ‘”The Caucasian Chalk Circle”. Delphia 2015 witnessed the release of the third edition of the annual literary magazine “Expressions”.

“Remembering the Author”, Paper presentation, Literature quiz, Verse and Poetry recitation and “A Walk to Remember – A Literary Exhibition” were the different events of the English day.

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