BA PEP (Performing Arts, English Literature (Optional English), Psychology)

About the Department

Performing Arts The Performing Arts course explores the scholarly and performative aspects of various artistic forms and styles. It is launched with a focus on research and critical understanding of performance, emphasizing the inter related nature of dance, theatre and music throughout the programme. The course is a part of BA triple main combinations and is designed with ‘performance’ as an academic as well as a practical subject. It will include Eastern (mainly, Indian) forms through historical continuums and traditions. Through the course, students will explore the complexities of performing arts and their integration into society.

 Programmes Offered

English Literature (Optional English)

English has been an integral part of various walks of life in India for centuries. One might even say that it has become inseparable from the essence of contemporary Indian culture. The study of language is a key to attain an understanding the history of any age. The three-year English Literature course, also known as Optional English, offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England's varied past, European and Non-European writing and integrates Indian writing in English facilitating a transcendence of linguistic nativism.

The glory of a bygone era is obviously of no use unless it can be utilized to enlighten the present. On the practical side, this course offers numerous employment opportunities in the field of teaching, journalism, publishing, writing, etc. Most importantly, a sound understanding of the language equips the student with communication skills, which is an indispensable part of success in any field in todays’ competitive world.


A course in psychology equips the students with an in-depth knowledge in various aspects like child psychology, industrial psychology, counselling psychology, personality development etc. In addition to the theory papers the students have practical papers every year which will give them practical insight into the subjects.

Eligibility for Admission

A student securing 40% aggregate marks including languages in P.U.C / 10 +2 / Pre University equivalent course is eligible.


 Student Productions

Kristu Jayanti College Performing Arts students to get a real world experience of the Arts.

Students Production


The department empowers the media aspirants through numerous curricular and co-curricular activities, helping them to be resourceful and competitive in the ever changing media scenario. National Conferences and Seminars, International Lecture Series, Guest Lectures, Alumni Talk Series, Workshops, Fests, Exhibitions etc are organized regularly to gain exposure to academic spaces.

Conferences / Seminars Guest Lectures Exhibitions & Fests Other Activities

 Course Matrix

 Course Type  Course Title
 Second Language [Any One to be Opted]
 AECC  Additional English I
 AECC  Kannada I
 AECC  Hindi I
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [Compulsory]
 AECC  English I
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English I [British literatures I]
 DSCC  Psychology I [Theory and Experiment]
 DSCC  Introduction to Dance ,Music and Theatre
 Course Type  Course Title
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [ Any One to be Opted]
 AECC  Additional English II
 AECC  Kannada II
 AECC  Hindi II
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [Compulsory]
 AECC  English II
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English II [British literatures II]
 DSCC  Psychology II [Theory and Assessment]
 DSCC  Fundamentals and Aesthetics of Dance, Music and Theatre
 AECC [ Mandatory]
   Environmental Science
 Course Type  Course Title
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [ Any One to be Opted]
 AECC  Additional English III
 AECC  Kannada III
 AECC  Hindi III
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [Compulsory]
 AECC  English III
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English III [British Literatures III – Victorian and Modern]
 DSCC  Psychology III [Developmental Psychology I]
 DSCC  Evolution of Bharatanatyam
History and Development of Carnatic Music
Origin and Development of Indian Theatre
 Skill Enhancement Course- SEC
 SEC  Art and Entrepreneurship
 SEC  Career Counselling
 SEC  Film Adaptation
 Course Type  Course Title
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [ Any One to be Opted]
 AECC  Additional English IV
 AECC  Kannada IV
 AECC  Hindi IV
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - AECC [Compulsory]
 AECC  English IV
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English IV [American Literatures]
 DSCC  Psychology IV [Developmental Psychology II]
 DSCC  Abhinaya Theory in Bharatanatyam
Basic Components of Carnatic Music
Introduction to Folk and regional theatre forms
 General Elective- GE [Compulsory]
 SEC  Basic Research Methods
 Course Type  Course Title
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English V [Indian literatures I]
 DSCC  Optional English VI [European and Non - European Literatures I]
 DSCC  Psychology V [Behaviour Dysfunction I]
 DSCC  Psychology VI [Organizational Psychology I]
 DSCC  Psychology Practical I
 DSCC  Rasa Theory
Theories of Musicology
Theories of Acting: Indian and Western
 NCCC  Bharatanatyam: Major Schools of Thought
Advanced Music Studies: Forms in Carnatic Style
Contemporary Theatre
 Discipline Specific Core Project- DSCP [Compulsory]
 DSCP  Project / Dissertation / Internship
 Course Type  Course Title
 Discipline Specific Core Course- DSCC [ All Compulsory]
 DSCC  Optional English VII [Indian Literatures II]
 DSCC  Optional English VIII [European and Non-European Literatures II]
 DSCC  Psychology VII [Behaviour Dysfunction II]
 DSCC  Psychology VIII [Organizational Psychology II]
 DSCC  Psychology Practical II
 DSCC  Introduction to Indian Folk Dance Forms
Music and Technology
Theatre and Technology
 DSCC  Theatre/ Dance/ Music Production
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