Media Conference on Gender Identity and Changing News Paradigms
The Department Of Journalism and Mass Communication of Krist Jayanti College organized the third edition of the national conference on the topic Gender Identity and Changing News Paradigms on February 19 & 20, 2019. Ms Ammu Joseph an independent journalist and author was the chief guest of the day.

Ms Ammu Joseph also spoke about media pluralism defining it according to a recent definition - a scope for a wide range of social, political and cultural values, opinions and information to find expressions through the media. “In order to enjoy freedom of expression, rights and gender equality; include men, women and members of sexual minorities to participate in multiple roles at multiple levels in the media. Let them to express themselves through the media and to determine the nature and content of media,” said Ms Joseph.

Ms. Ragamalika Karthikeyan, Deputy News Editor, The New Minute spoke on Gender Sensitivity and Gender Balance in News Coverage said “putting common sense into practice will help to become sensitive towards the source.” The session on Changing Paradigms in Advertising by Ms Meera Jyothis Prem, Senior Creative Director, McCann Erickson & Film Maker focused mainly on how advertisements have been portraying women along the years and also the changes in the ways of their portrayal.

Shri T R Gopalakrishanan, Former Editor, The Week spoke on Changing News Paradigms. He commented despite of the change in technology, the content of a good story remains a same with journalistic values, such as accuracy, precision, context etc. he emphasized the need to humanize the news stories.

Dr. Richard Rego, SJ, Director, PG and Research, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore said that Community Radio helps in providing an alternative voice in journalism and development. Women from rural areas are empowered by audience focus programs broadcasted in community radio. Prof. N. Manu Chakarvarthy, Film Critic and Scholar said “Women are not ideas. They exist in flesh and blood. So, we cannot convert them into abstracts.” Ms. Laxmi Murthy, Contributing Editor, Himal, South Asia, Additional Coordinator of NWMI, said “thinks that hold women journalist back are the issues such as parental leaves, work life balance, anti-bulling and sexual harassment policies of the organization”.

Dr. M B Jayram, Emeritus Chairman, PRCI said that the young communicators have a great role to bridge between the government and people. He also said how public sector has changed and has become more effective with the latest innovations in digital communication.

International Conference: Reflections and Refractions on [Dis]ability
A two day International Conference on Reflection and Refractions on Disability was organized by the Departments [PG] of English, Psychology, Social Work and Journalism and Mass Communication, at Kristu Jayanti College on 1 February 2019. Dr. S.K. Prasad, Director and Deputy Commissioner, Member of the Planning Board, Academic Council and Research Council; Dr Thomas Abraham, Honourary Associate Professor at Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Deputy Editor of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong and Dr Malavika Kapoor, Professor of National Institute of Advanced Studies and former Head of Department, Clinical Psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health were the guests of honour. The conference aimed at providing an interdisciplinary platform for the researchers, academicians and practitioners to deliberate the concerns, challenges, innovations, trends and solutions in the related fields. Dr S.K. Prasad elaborated that every person is abled or disabled considering the circumstance. He commented that it is the thinking of the society disabled, not the person. Dr Prasad explained the United Nations Convention which enacted the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 providing equal opportunity and full participation to lead a life without discrimination.

Dr Malavika Kapoor explained the factors that are causing disability in people. She briefed on mental health, physical impairment and developmental delays which affects the ability of the people. ‘We have to work with each level of workers; teachers need to be trained to attend to special need children and must collaborate with parents to help them,’ said Dr Kapoor.

The conference witnessed four plenary sessions on disability issues and rehabilitation, media, social work practice and disability and literature.

Seminar on “Advanced Reporting Writing” by Mr Pradeep Nair
The Department of Journalism of Kristu Jayanti College organised a seminar on “Advanced Reporting writing” for the PG students on 10 January 2019. Mr Pradeep Nair, News Editor at The Hindu was the resource person. He explained different types of news, style of writing, maintenance of credibility in writing to the students in detail in his session.

The session started by introducing different types of news stories and the style of writing in each to the students. He shared tips to find news stories and the importance of maintaining credibility by giving attribution to the sources in the stories. “Attribution is very important in journalism. It enhances credibility to your story” he said. Mr Nair e also spoke how correct attributions are a means to counter fake news. “Publishing the source can be avoided if the information is very much sensitive, but should be revealed to the Editor-in-chief of the news organization “he added.

Mr Nair spoke about the dissemination of unauthentic news stories in social media and the trend among people in relying on social media for news. “Spending your time in social media for news is waste and assure the reliability of the news content in the forward messages before taking into your mind,” he advised the students. He also emphasised on the importance of giving quotes in news stories. “Quotes gives life to news stories,” said Mr Nair

He introduced a new variety in journalism “Data journalism” as a career option for the students which gives them the opportunity to go deep into the story. He also encouraged young aspirants to make use of western publications for reading which helps them in bringing innovative style into their writing.

National Conference on Narratives in Media and Literature
Department of Journalism and English organized a national conference on ‘Narratives in Media and Literature on February 7, 2017. Mr. Sugata Srinivasaraju, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Sunohscapes Radio Foundation was the Chief Guest and the Dr. Etienne Rassendren, Associate Professor, St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru was the Guests of Honor; Ms. Andaleeb Wajid, Writer and Creative Facilitator,; Mr. Joshy Mathews, Communications Consultant and Trainer. The conference witnessed flocking of academicians and researchers with representation from 18 institutions, 43 participants from four states where 37 participants presented their papers in the conference on diverse topics related to media and literature. The conference was very useful as it was very interactive.

Hindi Bhasha Utsava
Department of Hindi organized a seminar as a part of “Hindi Bhasha Utsava” on October 1. 2015. Dr. Rajeshwari, Former Head, Department of Hindi, Jain University, was the keynote speaker for the seminar. In her keynote address she focused on the importance of Hindi becoming a national language. The event was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College. Dr. Sreedhar PD, Head, Department of Hindi; Prof. Gopakumar AV, Dean, Faculty of Humanities; were also present.

National Seminar on Dr. U R Anathamurthy’s Life and Writings
Department of Kannada, organized a one day seminar for commemorating ‘Dr. U R Anathamurthy’s Life and Writings ’ on August 27, 2015 at Kristu Jayanti College. The keynote speaker of the day, Dr. L. Hanumanthaih, Chairman, Kannada Development Authority in his keynote address emphasized the need of promoting Kannada language. He said, “When you take the top developed nations, ten among them follow mother tongue as medium of instruction in education.” Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College; Prof. Sarvesh BS, Head, Kannada Department; Prof. Narayanaswamy M, Faculty Coordinator were also present during the inaugural ceremony. Over seventy participants from various colleges in and around Bangalore participated in the seminar. The seminar envisaged two technical sessions which included discussions on topics like, ‘Female characterizations in Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy’s writings’ by Dr. M.S. Ashadevi, Professor, Maharani College, Bangalore; ‘Hindutva and Hind Swaraj- a Sociological Inquiry’ by Dr. C.G. Lakshmipathi, Professor, Department of Sociology, Bangalore University; ‘ Dr.U.R. Ananthamurthy as a public figure: A Critical Analysis’ by Dr. D. Dominic, Professor, Department of Kannada, Bangalore University; ‘Literary Dimensions in Dr. U. R Ananathamurthy’s Writings’ by Dr. R. Chalapathi, Professor, Department of Kannada, Nagarjuna College

Kannada Seminar
Department of Kannada organized a seminar on ‘Tejaswi Sahitya: Sanskrutika Mukamuki’ on September 08, 2012. H.S Satyanarayana, Lecturer, Government Junior College, Varthoor, Bangalore was the Speaker for the day. He narrated that Tejaswi was very practical by his nature and very active in his childhood. Tejaswi had an attitude of ignoring something which is not suitable for him. His father encouraged him to grow in his own way. That’s why we have Tejaswi as a great Zoologist, good writer and marvelous photographer. “The life style of Tejaswi is model for our young generation and great inspiration if you read his writings.” He added.

Seminar on: Why Journalism? Why now?
The Department of Journalism, Kristu Jayanti College organized a seminar on “Why journalism? Why now?” on 4 March 2013. Prof. Charles Lavery, Author of The black Widower and Professor at IIJNM was the Chief Guest.

Prof Charles Lavery discussed the scopes and the opportunity in the field of investigative journalism. As an award-winning journalist, he shared his reporting experiences in Afghanistan and inspired the aspiring journalist to take up challenges. He emphasized that “Being a journalist you have the responsibility that ordinary man doesn’t have. You should be the aware of what is happening and learn to make changes.”

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